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Tips For Cleaning Your Work Desk!

So the chances are you are reading this whilst sitting at your wooden work desk... Now have a look, is it looking a bit dusty and a tad dirty, if so these tips are for you! Wooden desks and other furniture require some special treatment. Take these tips on board to ensure cleaning, doesn't ruin a good finish. To keep your desk dust free it is best to use lambs wool dusters or classic feather dusters.  However if you are unable to get hold of this type of duster then a dry, clean soft towel will be fine.  It is important to clean your wood from dust because it can cause scratches and abrasions. For sticky spots use soap and water, do not use cleaning sprays. Furniture polish is a very good tool for cleaning wood, it make the surface slippery and less likely to catch dirt and dust. However if you choose to wax the surface, there are a lot of good waxes on the market.  Or alternatively a good homemade recipe for giving your wooden desk a deep clean, consists of equal parts olive oil, denatured alcohol, gum turpentine, and strained lemon juice. You should apply this with a soft cloth and gently buff. Remember a clean desk environment maintains professionalism and makes yourselve and/or your company even more inviting.  So get the elbow grease going!
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