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Non Toxic Cleaning Tips for Your Kitchen & Bathroom

Avoid using chemicals in your cleaning, with these useful tips:

– For a toilet, use a glass cleaner made with vinegar, water, and Castile soap and scrub inside and out. For deeper stains, use a soft scrub made from baking soda and Castile soap. For good measure, I gave my toilet brush a spray of vinegar before placing back in its holder.

– To clean the bath tub an ethical way, start with vinegar spray to kill red and green molds and other germs, then rinse and move onto a baking soda soft scrub and get out your scrub brush.

– To clean chrome drain covers, tub chains, and mixer valves, use the glass cleaner and scrub with a toothbrush.

– Soak handheld plastic showerheads in baking soda and use your scrub brush or toothbrush in crevices. Soak metal showerheads in vinegar and scrub.

– For stainless steel and ceramic kitchen sinks, baking soda works as well as conventional bleach powders. Use the vinegar spray or tea tree spray for germs.

– On sink faucets and mirrors, use the vinegar-based glass cleaner.

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