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Cleaning Your Office After the Christmas Party

Cleaning Your Office After the Christmas Party It’s that time of the year again. Hosting Christmas parties in the office is undoubtedly an American tradition, but things have changed in the last few years. More and more companies in the UK have started to host their festive parties at the office. Celebrating Christmas with your colleagues is one of the most highly anticipated activities in the office calendar each year. The drinks, food and seasonal activities are a great way for office workers to let their hair down and enjoy an evening away from their desks. But, after the office party comes the stressful process of cleaning up and decluttering your office space. An office Christmas party can have a messy aftermath and the clean up can be overwhelming. We have put together a simple guide to get your office space back to normal in no time.

Remove broken glass

Cleaning broken glass is always tricky, and your safety is the highest priority. Make sure you wear suitable gloves so you don’t cut your hands on any broken shards. Pick up any large fragments and place carefully in the bin. Make sure you vacuum the floor afterwards to pick up the pieces of glass that may be less visible.

Cleaning Tip:

After vacuuming, use slices of bread to press firmly into the carpet and pick up the smallest pieces of glass.

Remove wax

Candles are a core centrepiece of any Christmas decoration. We tend to use them during almost every festive get-together. christmas candles But, sometimes, candles can be messy and wax can get spilt on worktops or carpets. One way you can clean dried wax quickly and easily is to use a hairdryer to re-melt it, then wipe it away.

Red wine stains

This might be one of the most common types of stain left behind after any social engagement. The important thing to remember is not to rub a red wine stain as this will make the liquid penetrate the carpet even further. christmas red wine Blot the excess liquid away with a paper towel, then use soda water to remove. Find more tips on how to remove wine stains here.

Gum removal

The easiest way to remove gum from surfaces is by freezing it and then simply lifting or chipping it away. You can use ice and apply it to the gum until it hardens enough to lift.

Remove glitter and make-up stains

The most obvious thing is to use make-up remover wipes, however, this might not work on carpets, sofas or other textiles. christmas silver baubles Soda water and cloth napkins should do just the trick. For more stubborn stains, wash the cloth with rubbing alcohol and dab until the stain is removed.

Remove ring stains

Coffee tables and desks can be left covered in ring stains from mugs and glasses after a Christmas party. The easiest way to remove them is to mix a teaspoon of salt with a couple of drops of olive oil. This abrasive, yet gentle mix will remove water rings.

Thorough vacuum

After decluttering, tidying and throwing away all rubbish, wrappers and leftover food, a thorough vacuum is all your office needs to get back to normal. A hoover will pick up all the leftover dust, crumbs and debris. Don’t forget about the sofas, chairs and other upholstery you might have in your office. A good vacuum will get rid of the party poppers or other small party table decorations.

Fresh air

Wiping down the furniture and surfaces will make the office looks cleaner and inviting. However, the stuffy party smell can linger for days after. Having the windows open whilst cleaning up might not be enough to freshen the office. To banish the bad smells, you can use air fresheners. However, going down the natural route might be more beneficial for the space and your office workers. Lemon wedges are a simple yet very effective way to get rid of the office party odours from the night before.

Take Down Christmas decorations

Commonly Christmas office parties are held just before employees go on their festive breaks. string-lights-and-baubles-christmas Naturally, on the Saturday of the clean-up, Christmas decorations will be taken down and packed away carefully, ready for next year. Wrap the lights around a piece of cardboard to prevent them from getting tangled.

Professional office cleaners

Sometimes, after a particularly raucous Christmas party, even all the expert tips above might not be enough to get your office back in working order. If this is the case for your office, you may benefit from hiring a professional cleaning company to help take care of the mess. A professional cleaning crew will have your office looking tip-top in no time, meaning you can get back to nursing your mulled wine-fueled hangover.
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