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Chemical Free Cleaning

With the increase of environment awareness and the green wave of environmentally friendly products, cleaning products manufactures are been forced to find "green" alternatives in order to develop chemical free products to meet the demands of an environmentally friendly market. The German manufacturer of cleaning systems and products Karcher has developed an effective cleaning method 100% chemical free, using nothing but steam. The Karcher SV 1802 steam vacuum cleaner efficiently removes dust, dirt and grime from all kinds of surface including carpets, PVC, natural stone and tiled floors. The SV 1802 don't use a bag to collect the dirt, it uses a water filter instead. An additional water container allows picking up any spilled liquids over all kinds of surfaces and a series of special filters guarantees an environmentally friendly cleaning service. Other companies are investing their money to develop chemical free cleaning products using renewable, non-toxic, phosphate free and biodegradable ingredients. The idea is to develop cleaning products that are gentle on the planet and on the people.
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