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Keeping Your Workplace Clean: A Checklist for Your Staff

Keeping Your Workplace Clean: A Checklist for Your Staff Reentering the workplace after lockdown restrictions can be unsettling for staff, but keeping on top of some simple cleaning procedures can help to ease any concerns about safety and hygiene. A great way to ensure everyone is on the same page about office cleaning is to use a staff cleaning checklist. The virus has led to us all becoming more aware of how many surfaces we touch in our day-to-day lives and how many opportunities there are for picking up potential germs, bacterias, and viruses.  If your workplace employs the services of a contracted cleaner, then your staff will benefit from professional-standard cleaning regularly; usually either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. if you are not happy with your current cleaning supplier, then do get in touch with us for professional cleaning assistance www.totalclean.co.uk or by phone 020 7935 5088 However, in the meantime between visits from a cleaning professional, it can be helpful to draft a staff cleaning checklist to ensure that everyone in the workplace is contributing to it staying clean, hygienic and virus-free.  Every workplace will have a different layout and requirements for its cleaning. Whether you have a communal dining hall, staff kitchen, waiting areas for customers or clients, open plan desk spaces or cubicles for working, it’s important to ensure every area is given the cleaning attention required to keep everyone safe from germs.  Read on to see how a staff cleaning checklist can help with this. 

Keeping personal workspaces clean

Whether you have an open-plan workspace, cubicles, or individual offices, it’s important that each individual keeps their workspace clean, tidy, and hygienic for the safety of all staff.  Encouraging workers to clean up their desks at the end of each day or week can help to ensure food crumbs and other messes aren’t left to fester and develop into bigger problems such as ant infestations.  It’s especially important to disinfect and clean desks, keyboards, mice, and other desk surfaces if your workplace operates a ‘hot desking’ system where different staff uses a desk each day.  Keeping disinfectant spray, disposable cloth, and cleaning wipes on hand in the office can help to make this a quick job that can easily be done in a few minutes at the end of each day. 

A staff cleaning checklist for office spaces, reception areas, and waiting rooms:

  • Wipe desks, keyboards, and computer mice with disinfectant spray daily 
  • Wipe all door handles and light switches with disinfectant spray daily
  • Empty waste bins and insert new bin liners daily or bi-weekly
  • Wipe down any internal windows and glass surfaces with glass cleaner weekly
  • Vacuum all carpeted floors weekly
  • Mop any hard floors weekly

Communal areas for cleaning

If you have a communal staff kitchen or other communal space that receives a lot of footfall from all members of staff, you need to pay particular attention to cleaning the surfaces that people come into contact with.  Surfaces such as taps, fridge doors, kettle switches, and microwave buttons can all be high-use surfaces that may lead to the transference of germs, bacteria, and viruses between staff members.  Cleaning these areas thoroughly daily with disinfectants and antibacterial cleaning solutions can help to reduce the transmission of germs and viruses and help to keep all staff members safe from illness. The responsibility for the cleaning of these communal areas should be shared equally among staff. Some cleaning activities can be completed after each use, for example wiping down kettle switches or taps, while others can be scheduled into a rota to ensure everyone plays their part in keeping the workplace clean and safe from viruses. 
  • Disinfect and sanitise all sinks, taps, toilets, handles, and light switches with a disinfectant solution daily
  • Wipe down all surfaces including worktops, tiles, and splashbacks with disinfectant daily
  • Clean all dirty dishes and cutlery thoroughly with soap and water daily
  • If the workplace has a dishwasher ensure this is filled, washed, and emptied daily
  • Empty all food waste bins and replace bin liners daily or bi-weekly
  • Refill soap dispensers and hand towels weekly
  • Wipe down all mirrors and windows with glass cleaner weekly
  • Mop all hard floors with disinfectant solution weekly
By following these staff cleaning checklists and keeping a tidy and hygienic workspace, you and your staff can help to create a working environment that is clean, tidy, and safe for all staff and visitors.  If your staff is returning to the office and you want to ensure they’re as safe as possible, a professional cleaning service may be what you need. Total Clean provides trained expert office cleaners all over the country, we also work heavily in demanding medical environments and transfer this heightened skillset across all sectors our varying clients may operate in. Do get in touch today to see how we can help your team www.totalclean.co.uk
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