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5 Office Cleaning Tips for your Business

In the modern office, technology is everywhere. These devices range from mobile phones, tablets and the good old standalone desktop computer. Dirt, grime and bacteria will descend on all of these technological devices. To help keep your office technology clean and healthy, five cleaning tips have been compiled below for the office worker to follow. 1.  Fans and vents in desktop computers are prime dust gathering areas. If not cleaned on a regular basis there is a risk of the computer overheating. When cleaning these towers find an open space before you clean to avoid dust flying throughout your office space. Use compressed air to clear dust from the ventilation and even a hoover can be used to clear visible dust. Do not attempt to take the case off to clean unless you are a qualified computer engineer. Not only would you void the warranty on the tower but also expose yourself to live electrical circuitry. When the dusting process is over the main case can be wiped over with a damp cloth or wet wipes.   2.  To clean your smartphone or mobile device, you should turn it off and remove the case. Avoid using chemicals on your screen. Dilute the alcohol with distilled water at a 50/50 dilution. Dip cotton swabs into the solution and gently clean your device's screen, edges, buttons, camera and case. Then wipe everything down with a lint free microfiber cloth.   3.  To clean a computer screen, you can dip a cloth in distilled water and wipe down the screen. Then use a clean cloth to dry the screen. Commercial screen cleaners, are also available to clean screens. They are designed to remove dirt without scratching or streaking the surface. Be sure to choose the right cleaner for the right surface. Some are specifically designed for laptop computer screens.   4. Remember to clean your peripheral devices and desk phone too! You can use cleaning wipes on keyboards, mice and desk phones, but what is most important is deep cleaning. You can tap keyboards over a rubbish bin to remove loose debris, and use the same method as cleaning the edges of your smartphone to reach the crevices of peripheral devices. Use a cotton swab dipped in the alcohol/water to clean edges, buttons and openings.   5.  Another potential problem are loose cables. Cables coming out from the back of computers can be potential tripping hazards. If possible, run cords behind or under the desk to avoid these issues. These cables can be cleaned with a dry cloth to wipe the surface dust away. “At Total Clean we specialise in office cleaning, so if you need your business premises cleaning, please get in touch”.
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