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Health & Safety

Health and Safety Policy

As a cleaning company, it is important for us that we always strictly adhere to health and safety regulations to ensure our employees and clients are getting the best protection available, accepting responsibility for any issues that may arise.
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Our Policy

We will make sure that all of our equipment and machinery are safe and in working orders, providing high quality maintenance to reduce the risk to health to our employees and clients. Where necessary, we will provide instruction, training and supervision to ensure equipment and supplies are being used safely and correctly and making sure working conditions are always in line with health and safety regulations 

    Total Clean Newcastle

    We provide thorough training on handling, storing and transporting various articles and substances to ensure our employees’ safety, providing protective clothing and other safety devices to protect employees as much as possible. All of our employees have a legal responsibility and duty to take reasonable care to ensure their own safety, that of their colleagues and any other individuals affected by their activities.

    Disciplinary action will be taken against any employee, regardless of status, who wilfully or deliberately disregards or is consistently negligent in conforming to our Health and Safety Policy.

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