Janitorial Supplies: The Essentials

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Whilst it's been said that a bad workman blames his tools, here at Total Clean, we understand the value of high-quality janitorial supplies to help us in our office-cleaning duties around London (as well as good ol' fashioned elbow grease, of course!) So, here's a guide to a few essential janitorial supplies you'll never find us without... The Kitchen - Bactericidal Cleaner and Disinfectant
After recent studies have revealed just how much of a breeding ground for bacteria the office kitchen can be, everyone wants to be safe in the knowledge their theirs is safe. Whilst this is news to some, we've always known the value of a clean kitchen (it's where you make the tea, after all - and what's more important than tea?) which is why we not only use, but supply super-strength Bactericidal Cleaner and Disinfectant to offices throughout London. Why is the right cleaner and disinfectant so important? As well as making sure it kills 99.999% of bacteria - you also have to make sure your choice of cleaner won't leave a harmful residue when your staff come to prepare their food after use. The Windows - Specialist Window Cleaning Liquid Janitorial Supplies - specialist Window Cleaning Fluids Cleaning windows should be easy; they're big, flat and it's easy to see what you've missed a spot. But if you want streak-free, film-less and dermatologically-friendly clean windows, it sometimes feels like you're asking for the world. We make life as easy as it should be; if you know janitorial supplies like we do, we know exactly which brands and formulas to use for windows of every kind. Floor Treatments and Carpet Cleaning - Carpet Detergents & Rinse-Free Polish Office Carpet Cleaning Janitorial Supplies For something that gets walked on all day, there's a lot to be said for a clean floor. Which is why we use carpet detergents specially-diluted for high traffic environments like London offices. Team that with a combination of janitorial supplieslike chewing gum remover, spot cleaners and dry foam, and there's no floor we can't bring back to it's best!
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Winter Cleaning Tips

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As upsetting as it is the summer is almost over and the winter months are upon us. So as you prepare to put away the barbecue for another year it maybe a good idea to get your home ready for the winter months. Here are some cleaning tips to help you on your way: -  Get your carpets professionally cleaned. Think of all the sand and grass clippings that have been walked in on your flip-flops this summer. -  Clean your windows, inside and out, including in between the sills. -  Cleaning your house from top to bottom, focusing on public rooms such as the living room, family room, hallway and bathroom. -  Get out the vacuum. Vacuum the drapes, window treatments, baseboards and in the corners. Move furniture and vacuum beneath and behind it. Vacuum upholstered furniture, or have it professionally cleaned if necessary. If you are looking for a professional contract cleaning company with a difference please visit the Total Clean Services website.

How to Make Sure Cleaning Products Are Eco-Friendly

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It is no longer so easy to find non-toxic and natural cleaning products as advertisers can be tricky. - The first rule in making sure a cleaning products are really non toxic is read the ingredient list. - Avoid petroleum-based solvents, chlorine, ammonia and phosphates and avoid products that have "danger," "poison" or "warning" on the label. - Look for cleaning products that have particular information regarding biodegradability. - If a product is marketed as "natural," read the label more closely (petroleum is also classed as "natural"). - If you need a scented product, choose one that uses essential oils. Avoid products with synthetic fragrances. Now you have all the information needed to ensure your cleaning is eco-friendly. However, if what you really require is a contract cleaning company to provide a bespoke service please visit the Total Clean website.

Cleaning Industry Sweeps Up During Recession

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The cleaning industry is one of the few areas bucking the recession with around 45,000 jobs available at any one time. In fact the number is more likely to be 60,000 when including part time domestic jobs. Andrew Large of the Cleaning and Support Services Association explains: "The cleaning industry has an advantage when there's an economic downturn - after all - it is essential.” No matter what happens you still need clean hospitals, schools and offices.” He continues: "With the presence of swine flu too, the importance of hygiene is becoming more and more apparent. The cleaning industry employs at least one million people, meaning the number of vacancies is naturally high as people come and go.” Mr Large adds: "I know one man who started out as a carpet cleaner in his teens and now has a £50million business. If you're prepared to work hard there are plenty of opportunities." It's also a good industry if you want a stable job or career. But if you yourself are looking for a fantastic contract cleaning company then Total Clean offer bespoke cleaning services. For more information please visit our website.

Keeping Your Computers & Telephones Clean is Essential

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Have you ever taken anytime to consider how many germs there are lurking in your keyboard or on your telephone dashboard?? If you did I think you'd find yourself not wanting to touch either again. telephone cleaning Not only is it hygenic to maintain a clean computer, but you could also prevent so many illnesses that could occur due to the germs lying in the machines. It could also add years to the life of your computers and telephones, as not cleaning it could lead to it getting damaged. Jonathon Millman, chief technology officer for Hooplah Interactive says: "Your computer could fry if you don't keep it clean." According to Microsoft at home, this is because when dust clogs the vents behind your computer, your CPU heats up—and heat is the biggest cause of component failure in computers. But, don't just go and get your nearest polish or cleaning products!! You need to be careful what use on your electrical equipment beacuse it can be damaged with the wrong products. If you are not sure what to use, Total Clean Services Ltd offers bespoke computer and telephone equipment cleaning, for more information please contact us.

Prevent Spread of Swine Flu Through Office Cleaning

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Let's be honest now we are all hoping that the colleague sitting across from our desk coughing right now doesn't have the dreaded swine flu, so much so that you're considering pulling out the face mask you purchased the other day! And whilst the issue of swine flu is on the rise this may be a little drastic, and is important to realise that not everyone nursing a cold is affected. But still, there is always a chance that some unlucky person could get this horrid illness, that is where the importance of office cleaning comes in. Making sure your office environment is clean, should result in everyone remaining healthy and clear from illness. Here at Total Clean Services, we offer bespoke office cleaning for your company in and around the London area, by using the best and most effective cleaning methods. The following are just a few examples of the ways office cleaning companies can help prevent clients getting swine flu or any other illnesses. - Ensuring a good supply of tissues for office desks. - Ensuring sufficient stocks of soap and hand drying supplies are always available. - Clean the hard to reach areas often forgotten about like light switches, door knobs, keyboards, phones etc which can get really grubby. For more information about Total Clean's office cleaning services, please click here.

Cleaning Product Could Reduce MRSA Rates

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According to research a new cleaning product could help cut rates of the MRSA superbug by a third. A study found that levels of MRSA were reduced by a third when wards were treated with Byotrol rather than standard bleach. The 11-month study at Manchester Royal Infirmary suggests the product could be a useful tool for the health service. Byotrol was used on two general medical wards, while two others were treated with the NHS's normal cleaning bleach. Dr Andrew Dodgson, the consultant microbiologist who led the study, said the results were "very impressive". He added: "Cutting the levels of pathogens on the wards reduces the risk to patients of picking up an infection.” The Manchester research follows earlier tests which found Byotrol cut levels of MRSA by half. Total Clean offer bespoke contract cleaning including floor treatments and laundry services, for more on these and our other services please visit the website.

Games to Make Cleaning Fun for Kids

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There is no doubt that littering is a constant problem around the streets of Britain and that one of the reasons for this could be because a parents tend to clean up for their children. This is the normal thing to do, but not making our kids clean up for themselves could lead to them littering in the future. But the question is how do we get children to clean for themselves without seeing it as a chore? Well below I have suggested two games that could help make cleaning seem more fun. Pacman cleaning game – The child is challenged to collect all the rubbish in the park or environment they are in including papers, plastics, cans and bottles. They then throw them on the right rubbish bins separating biodegradable from non-biodegradable and then teach their friend or sibling to recycle. This is a simple game but teaches your child to dispose of rubbish properly. Cleaning marathon game - There are two teams involved in this game, each member of the team must is to accomplish a certain chore while running around a pole, like a mop or brush – this can help to see cleaning objects as something fun. Cleaning games can help introduce children to cleaning in a positive way rather than just a chore they have to do. They are then able to see it as fun as well as rewarding. However, when you are not able to get the children helping out with all the cleaning duties or simply need a contract cleaning service, you'll need to contact Total Clean Services Ltd. We offer bespoke cleaning services from office cleaning London to waste removal

A Clean Office Boosts Worker’s Productivity

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It has been proved many times over that a clean and well organised office helps boost your employee’s productivity. Maintaining a clean office should be left to a professional office cleaning company, but to get the office really clean the cleaners require access to the surfaces, this requires a clutter-free office which is not always easy, but there are a few things that can be done to maintain a clean, clutter free and organised workplace on a daily basis. Here at Total Clean Office Cleaning Services, our professional office cleaners created a list of ideas for employees to maintain an efficient, clean and well organised office. 1 - Send all Unwanted Paper to the Recycle Bin Once a week, organise a paper recycle day. First find or buy a big bin to dump all the unwanted paper and start the paper-hunting spree, get everybody to eliminate all the unwanted paper from their drawers, cabinets and files. Nominate a person to go through the office's main files and cabinets and get rid of all unnecessary or duplicate paper work. Collect newspapers, junk mail and outdated documents and send them to recycle bin. You will be amazed how much paper can be accumulated in just one week. 2 - Incite all workers to keep their desks clean and well organised at all times, put files away at the end of the day, a well organised work place is a productive workplace. It also gives a good impression to clients or perspective clients. 3 - Organise a rubbish recycling system and encourage everyone to use it, put different bins for different types of re-cycling, e.g.: Plastic, Aluminium, Organic, etc. At the end of the week or at the end of each day, depending on the size of your office, have a rota or nominate one person to take the recyclable material to the local neighbourhood recycle centre. 4 – Ensure the offices and common areas have a Deep Clean at least once a year and that can be left to the professionals; carpet cleaning, washrooms, janitorial supplies and floor treatment services require specialist cleaning tools and chemicals, so employ a professional office cleaning company to manage and make sure cleaning is undertaken thoroughly, with knowledgeable, competent staff. There are many office cleaning companies to choose from but not all offer rigorous quality control, health and safety, full training for their employees and operate an environmental policy so you know your company is doing all it can to reduce its carbon foot print. Here at Total Clean Office Cleaning Services, we offer all of the above with the peace of mind that you are provided with the best office cleaning services in London and surrounding areas.

Hospital Cleaning Team Wins Award

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Taunton’s Musgrove Park Hospital cleaning team has won the chairman’s award for excellence. A panel of judges praised the team for their commitment and positive attitude towards their cleaning duties, and for the significant difference they’ve made to Musgrove. Cleaning co-ordinator at Musgrove, Ruth Stephens, said: ‘They’re very thorough, take real pride in their work and are always looking to help out. In the last year, we’ve spent over £1m on cleaning and now there are cleaners in the hospital 24 hours a day, seven days a week.’ Chairman Ros Wyke said: ‘Cleanliness is very important to us at Musgrove, and the cleaning teams have helped to reduce our infection rate and improve the hospital environment.’ She added: ‘MRSA is down by over 70% in the last two years - and the teams have played a big role in that.’ Total Clean provide fantastic office and contract cleaning services, for more information please click here.