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New Survey Reveals Office Staff’s Germ Fears

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A new survey has revealed that nearly three-quarters of office staff harbour concerns about the level of germs in their workplace.

Conducted by Cogent Research on behalf of cleaning supply company Kimberly-Clark Professional, 3-3 office workers from all across the UK were asked about how much the cleanliness of their office was a concern for them, with a particular focus on germs.

Of those three hundred, 21% said they were 'greatly concerned' by germs at work, with 51% stating they were 'somewhat concerned'. A more universal concern was the worry about the transfer of germs from work to home, with 57% of those surveyed saying it was something they believed was an issue.

Suzanne Halley, end-user marketing manager – UK at Kimberly-Clark Professional, said: "Office workers are right to be concerned about hygiene at work all year round. Invisible bacteria in the workplace can cause colds, flu and upset stomachs. Though they are minor, these are unpleasant illnesses that force people to take time off, and staff absence costs UK businesses nearly £30 billion annually. However, simple steps such as installing sanitisers around an office, and making sanitising wipes widely available, can make a big difference to wellbeing."

She continued: "A healthy workforce is a happy and productive workforce. Particularly at this time of year, in the middle of the cold and flu season companies that take pro-active measures to keep their staff free of illness will be rewarded in the longer term. Indeed, 61% of those questioned in our survey said they’d like hand sanitisers to be more readily available around the workplace."

The use of hand sanitiser is becoming increasingly more prevalent in the city that Total Clean operates within. More and more often, office workers are taking matters in to their own hands - literally - bringing pocket-sized hand sanitiser dispensers to work with them.

As a retailer in janitorial supplies, we’ve also seen an increase in businesses buying small batches of basic supplies such as detergent, sanitiser, disinfectant and disposable cloths to store in key areas of the office - particularly conference rooms, where guests are entertained and food is often consumed.

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CO2 Balance – October Update

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[two_third] As a vital part of our Environmental policies and procedures, CO2balance is retained by total Clean to audit, report then offset the Group's determined carbon footprint in incredibly well-deserving projects across the World. This post brings you the latest summary update from the Managing Director at CO2 Balance, Mark Simpson and reports on relevant current events and positive actions resulting from ongoing projects.  

 Mark Simpson, Managing Director, CO2balance UK Ltd

Welcome to our October newsletter that follows hot on the heels of the UN Climate Summit held in New York last week. For the first time, we can reflect on some positive action from the world leaders who attended international talks on how to tackle climate change. Both the US and China made specific reference to recently experienced extreme weather events that are forming the growing body of evidence that our climate is changing. The economic impact of these extreme weather events was underlined and - in what constitutes a bold move at these events - China made reference to their man made emissions 'peaking as soon as possible'. Despite the reluctance of countries to blink first when it comes to making a commitment, the run up to summit saw over 1000 companies sign a World Bank Initiative to encourage governments to set a price on carbon, which would act as an economic incentive to reduce greenhouse emissions. Business, it seems, has a valuable role to play in driving action to curb climate change where governments fear to tread. We have had a busy summer at CO2balance in which we have continued to develop exciting new climate change mitigation projects under our microprogramme that spans the African continent.
"This past month we have seen our first ever projects in Cameroon (West Cameroon Cookstoves) and Sierra Leone (Bombali Safe Water) formally recognised by the Gold Standard. We have established 4 new safe water projects in Malawi, 4 in Bangladesh and 5 in Rwanda; we have also brought online 7 new cookstoves projects in Rwanda, 2 in Kenya (with partner World Vision) and 1 in Mozambique (with partner Cloros)."
In terms of action on the ground, we have completed the roll out of 900 artisanal improved cookstoves as a microenterprise operated by the Umeme Women's group in West Kisumu, and have just built our 9,000th stove in our Rwanda programme! Our new safe water project roll out in Eastern Region, Uganda is now complete and over 8,000 people are now drinking clean water as a result of our work. I hope you enjoyed this month's summary update, look out for more news in the coming months. [/two_third] [one_third_last][athenathemegallery gallery_id="24864" width="106" height="106"] [/one_third_last]

Dyson Reveal First-Ever Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Always at the forefront of cleaning innovations, Dyson have been pretty quiet on the robotic vacuum front, until this month with the reveal of their first-ever commercial 'smart vac’.

Dyson 360 Eye

Whilst Roomba has become a household name in the cleaning world, to the public eye Dyson have been seemingly happy to sit back and stick to their more traditional cleaning apparatus.

But behind closed doors, 16 years of research and £28 million of investment has gone in to create their first ever automated vacuum; the 360 Eye.

So, with other brands like Samsung and LG in the robo-vac marketplace, what makes Dyson so confident that their cleaning machine is capable of ‘terminating’ the competition?

For starters, there’s all that proprietary Dyson tech that goes in to their world-famous vacuums; the 360 Eye is powered by a V2 digital motor and uses the bagless cyclone system that has made Dyson famous.

But the real selling point is in the name; the 360 Eye uses an ultra-panoramic 360-degree camera along it’s top, to see all around the room at once. Not only that, but it can be controlled by an Adroid smartphone or Apple iDevice from almost anywhere else in the house.

Sir James Dyson said: "Most robotic vacuum cleaners don’t see their environment, have little suction, and don’t clean properly. They are gimmicks. We’ve been developing a unique 360 degree vision system that lets our robot see where it is, where it has been, and where it is yet to clean.

"Vision, combined with our high speed digital motor and cyclone technology, is the key to achieving a high performing robot vacuum – a genuine labour saving device."

Some smart features are an internal mapping software that ‘remembers’ the layout of the room, a self-charging cycle that will send the vac back to it’s charging station when on a low battery and the ability to send a message to it’s owner’s smartphone when the dust bin is full.

The Dyson 360 Eye Japan in spring 2015, with the rest of the world to follow later in the year.

One catch is it is expected to cost around £700 in the UK, meaning our dream of a fleet of Total Clean robot vacs controlled by an iPad will probably have to wait a little longer…

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Brass Attacked: Sweat Boosts Bacteria on Brass and Copper Fixtures

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The use of brass and copper has been a standard in building interiors such as schools, hospitals and offices for decades. Any element that uses a copper base, like brass, has been proven to help fight bacteria on contact over hundreds of years of research. However, brass door handles and panels could be facing an unlikely threat; sweaty palms. Washroom Services The University of Leicester revealed this week that findings from it's latest study show that he salt in human sweat could counter-act the bacteria-beating chemistry of copper. It's understood that the unique make-up of brass creates a small electrochemical reaction on contact with living organisms that disrupts the DNA of nasty germs, preventing them from reproducing. However, a team lead by Dr. Bond say that within an houor of contact, the sodium in sweat can nullify that reaction by corroding the surface of the metal creates an oxidising layer, preventing the hygenic reaction taking place. Dr Bond said: "The antimicrobial effect of copper has been known for hundreds of years. It is thought to occur as a result of a charge exchange between copper and bacteria, which leads to a degradation of the bacteria DNA. We have discovered that the salt in sweat corrodes the metal, forming an oxide layer on its surface, which is the process of corrosion – and this corrosive layer is known to inhibit the effect of the copper. We have shown that it is possible for sweat to produce an oxide layer on the metal within an hour of contact. "While it is well known that sweat corrodes brass, this is the first study to quantitatively analyse the temporal corrosion of copper alloys such as brass in the first few hours after contact between fingerprint sweat concentrations of salt and the metal.” Brass still has it's hygenic uses in offices, schools and hospitals but now we can conclusively say it needs a little help to stay at it's bacteria-busting best. So be sure to drop us a line at Total Clean to help with all aspects of keeping your premises clean at all times of day.

Rise of the Roomba: Will Robots Replace the Humble Office Cleaner?

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Growing up on a healthy diet of The Jetsons and an obsession with Back to the Future II that must have driven my parents to despair, I'm sure our generation currently feels a little cheated that our access to flying cars, jetpacks, hoverboards and food in pill form is currently still limited, if not entirely non-existent. However, one thing 'the future' has made good on is the concept of cleaning robots - and whilst they might not be six-foot tall and answer to the name of 'Rosie', there's probably more 'bots for jobs around your house than you currently know about… iRobot Looj - Gutter Cleaner Cleaning Robots - iRobot Looj Cleaning the gutters - is there a household task that gets put off more often than this one? But, unless you fancy mystery liquid seeping into your walls, you're going to have to break out the ladders and get elbow-deep in gunk at least once a year. Unless, of course, you have a rooftop robot. Revealed at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the iRobot Looj could be set to gut guttering the world over. Capable of being submerged in up to 8 inches of water, changing its angle of attack and other cleaning factors by sensing the severity/density of the debris, the Looj scurries through drains displacing debris as it goes. Ready to roll through 200ft of guttering off a single charge, we're already asking Santa for one. Evovacs Winbot 7 - Window Cleaner Cleaning Robots - evovacs winbot 7 Whilst the name is more reminiscent of a Microsoft operating system, the Winbot 7 from Ecovacs is most definitely geared to towards the more traditional type of Windows. Now, we’ve seen window-cleaning robots before, however most use a two-part system to ‘sandwich’ the glass and stay on the surface – meaning the glass can only bees so thick before it simply falls off. Where the Winbot 7 differs is by using two concentric suction rings to cling to glass of any thickness to provide limitless robo-window cleaning action. No doubt a prospect that excites those in high rise buildings, we do worry what will happen when one eventually runs out of charge midway through cleaning the 23rd floor. Sharp Name TBC - Floor Cleaner Sharp of Japan intend to launch a robot capable of cleaning office floors in 2014 Now this is more like it - set to launch next year, Japanese brand Sharp are set to roll out a Dalek-sized commercial floor cleaner that would have even The Doctor a bit worried. Roughly the dimensions of a standard cleaner's trolley, Sharp's unnamed 'bot - slated for a 2014 release - is capable of hoovering up anything on a tile floor; even liquids! Put down your favourite mug, or be exterminated! With the floors taken care of, the windows being cleaned and even a robot on the roof, is there anywhere in the office that isn't safe from a cyber cleaning?

13 Essential Hacks to Keep Your Office Clean & Tidy

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Everyone knows the benefits of a clean and tidy office; improved concentration, less sick days, better morale etc. but - unless you have a cleaning company on hand - it can be hard to stay on top of. With more and more people working from home, in small teams or hot-desking, here's 13 ways to keep your desk tidy and your office clean. Sticky Tape Keyboard Cleaner

Office Cleaning Life Hacks - Sticky Tape Keyboard Cleaner

Long maligned as the home of lost lunchtime breadcrumbs and unspeakable amounts of rogue eyelashes, cleaning your keyboard can help fight allergies. Use a piece of Sellotape folded back on itself to run in-between keys and attract crumbs and more from between the keys. Or, Use a Post-it note If sticky notes are closer to hand, they'll also do your keyboard a favour! This is especially effective on Laptops, where you can angle the post-it underneath the raised keys. Pushpin Phone mount

Office Cleaning Life Hacks - PushPin Phone Holder

If you're forever missing calls because your phone's tidied away in a drawer, use pushpins to create a space-saving mount on your wall! It also keeps the wires from your charger in check, and is great for watching a quick Youtube video on your lunchbreak! Push Pin Wire tidy…

Office Cleaning Life Hacks - PushPin wire tidy

Keep your desk clean by taking the wires from your computer, phone and more with pushpins. Pushing them into a cubicle wall means everything stays nicely in line, and easily traceable if you need to replace or remove a piece of equipment. … Same with Bulldog clips!

Office Cleaning Life Hacks - Binder Clip Wire Tidy

Alternatively, for wires you need easy access to (like phone or USB chargers) bulldog/binder clips are the perfect way to attach them to the end of a desk or drawer and cut down on clutter. Tissue Box Recycling Bin If the winter flu or summer hayfever has you burning through tissues like no-one's business, a finished off a box makes a great home for recyclable crisp packets and snack wrappers - best of all, the whole lot can just go straight in the recycling bin when it's full! Blitz the Office Microwave

Office Cleaning Life Hacks - Water Bowl MIcrowave Cleaner

If the office microwave is looking a bit grim, microwave a bowl of water for 2-3 minutes before you take a scourer to it - the hot water will loosen all but the toughest stains on the inside. Binder Clip = Mildew-Free Sponge

 Office Cleaning Life Hacks - Binder Clip Sponge Stand

Keep the office sponge in fine fettle by adding a clip to one end. By using this as a stand, you'll help keep the sponge in the office kitchen dry and free from mildew. Magnet Swiffer under Filing Cabinets

Office Cleaning Life Hacks - Swiffer Floor Magnet

If there's one thing that seems to get in more places than anything else in an office, it's paperclips. And if there's another, it's staples. Before you break out the vacuum, use a self-adhesive magnet and a Swiffer to pick up all the metal stationary that's undoubtedly found it's way under the desks and filing cabinets of your office. Dustpan Bucket Funnel Using a dustpan as a funnel to fill a bucket If you need to break out the mop, try this handy tip from Reddit - fill your bucket without having to hover it over the sink with a dustpan. Tension Rod For More Space If you have a set of shelves or a cubicle, use a spring-loaded or twist tension rod to hang light knick-knacks that you don't want on your desk or on the floor. Never Underestimate Magnets  Office Cleaning Hacks - Magnet Space Creator If you've run out of drawer space but need your supplies at hand, employ a magnet or two around your desk to give your implements a new, handy home. Coffee Filter Screen Cleaner Using a Coffee Filter to clean computer screens If you want your monitor, projector lens or laptop to have a dust and smear-free finish, try using a coffee filter as an impromptu cloth. The porous design lends itself to perfectly clear glass and screens.
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5 Amazing London Offices

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A many of you spend most of your weekday at the office, wouldn't it be nice to head into an environment that's a bit special? There's a growing trend in London to create an office space that is to die for, most of which cost a tidy sum. However, as we often see in our day to day operations as an Office Cleaning Company in London, those with a more realistic budget can create a cool office space. We've picked out 5 amazing offices in London below, but even if you're budget is more Primark than Armani, you should be able to take some influence from these creative ideas.... 5 Amazing London Offices Innocent Drinks - Fruit Towers London Office Outdoors, indoors. This open plan space just oozes freedom and there's Innocent Smoothies on tap - YUM! Mind Candy (Moshi Monsters) Office Cleaning London This gaming and social networking company for kids continues the theme of turf carpeting. A fun environment with lots of friendly monsters chipping in during staff meetings. The Macquarie Group Office In London This great mix of modern and corporate styling is something else. What prospect wouldn't be impressed when invited to these offices? Google London Office Space You can literally bounce your idea of the walls in this Google HQ meeting room. We love the wheel door handle! eBay Clean Office London You'd expect items that are a little unusual to be found at eBay's London Office. The red telephone boxes look awesome and so quintessentially British. Think we've missed one? Drop us a note with your favourite London Office.    
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2012 Loo of the Year – Cleaning’s Most Unlikely Award Ceremony

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Whilst the glitz and glamour of the Oscars, BAFTA's Tony's and Emmy's might still be a month away, award season kicked off early this year as the 2012 Loo of the Year nominees were given their just rewards. Whilst they might sound like a slightly hokey ceremony, the Loo of the Year awards are actually serious business in the cleaning world. Having just celebrated their 25th year, the Loo of the Year awards reward excellence in maintaining safe, accessible and sanitary washrooms across several different categories. Previous winners include McDonald's, ASDA and The Trafford Centre in Manchester - as well as 2010's winners JD Wetherspoon's. This year, however, the spoils went to the hard-working contract cleaners at Staffordshire County Council, for their continued excellence across a wide range of council-operated facilities. Other nominated companies and commercial bodies included McDonald's in England, whilst JD Wetherspoon public houses scooped a prize for their accessibility and Eurostar Passenger Terminals bagged a prive for changing facilities. Here's hoping for a few more London councils and companies to get nominated in 2013!

Janitorial Supplies: The Essentials

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Whilst it's been said that a bad workman blames his tools, here at Total Clean, we understand the value of high-quality janitorial supplies to help us in our office-cleaning duties around London (as well as good ol' fashioned elbow grease, of course!) So, here's a guide to a few essential janitorial supplies you'll never find us without... The Kitchen - Bactericidal Cleaner and Disinfectant
After recent studies have revealed just how much of a breeding ground for bacteria the office kitchen can be, everyone wants to be safe in the knowledge their theirs is safe. Whilst this is news to some, we've always known the value of a clean kitchen (it's where you make the tea, after all - and what's more important than tea?) which is why we not only use, but supply super-strength Bactericidal Cleaner and Disinfectant to offices throughout London. Why is the right cleaner and disinfectant so important? As well as making sure it kills 99.999% of bacteria - you also have to make sure your choice of cleaner won't leave a harmful residue when your staff come to prepare their food after use. The Windows - Specialist Window Cleaning Liquid Janitorial Supplies - specialist Window Cleaning Fluids Cleaning windows should be easy; they're big, flat and it's easy to see what you've missed a spot. But if you want streak-free, film-less and dermatologically-friendly clean windows, it sometimes feels like you're asking for the world. We make life as easy as it should be; if you know janitorial supplies like we do, we know exactly which brands and formulas to use for windows of every kind. Floor Treatments and Carpet Cleaning - Carpet Detergents & Rinse-Free Polish Office Carpet Cleaning Janitorial Supplies For something that gets walked on all day, there's a lot to be said for a clean floor. Which is why we use carpet detergents specially-diluted for high traffic environments like London offices. Team that with a combination of janitorial supplieslike chewing gum remover, spot cleaners and dry foam, and there's no floor we can't bring back to it's best!

Extreme Cleaning at The Shard, London

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Here at Total Clean, we've cleaned some pretty 'extreme' places in offices around London, but we've got nothing on some of the guys who work on The Shard! Officially opened earlier last week and holder of the title 'Western Europe's Tallest Building', the Shard in London is the brainchild of Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassim Bin Jabor Al Thani, and provides up over 31.4 acres of space across 78 floors. So, as you can imagine the cleaning operation required on such a structure is pretty expansive, with teams of contract cleaners and commercial cleaning staff on hand around the clock to keep the offices spic and span. However, hitting the news this week has been the massive job of keeping the Shard's windows clean. Given it's place in the heart of London, the Shard's windows are subjected to a fair amount of grime to keep them looking pristine. The window cleaning team on the Shard, however, are no ordinary window cleaners! Using state-of-the-art gondolas and a team of six abseiling cleaners, it's fair ro say the Shard's window cleaners are braver than most! One of the team made the news for all the wrong reasons this week, as one of the cleaning gondolas was trapped at the 72nd floor in gale force winds. On-site engineers were on hand to fix the problem, which was described by a spokesman for the Shard as an 'unnecessary' panic. London Fire Brigade, which sent a fire engine and fire rescue unit to the Shard, said in a message on Twitter: "On site engineers at the #Shard have made the window cleaner's cradle safe & we can all now breathe a sigh of relief."