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The Cleaning Fairy Strikes Again!

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A mere two months ago, we brought you news from the US of Susan Warren - aka the Cleaning Fairy. Cleaning Fairy Susan Warren Warren, 53, had broken into a home in an affluent suburb - but the only thing she removed from the property was the contents of the bin, as she took care of the washing up vacuuming and a few other household tasks. Rather than stemming from a compulsion, Warren scrawled an invoice on a napkin and expected the homeowner to settle the bill. The homeowner chose to not pay for servies (unrequestedly) rendered, and the police arrested Warren on charges of trespassing and attempted burglary. Sentenced to community service and placed on probation, one would think Warren's days as the Cleaning Fairy were numbered, until this week. Once again found on someone else's property, Warren had taken to shovelling snow from driveways in her native Ohio without first asking the permission, triggering a violation in her probation, Warren once again found herself arrested. The investigation is ongoing.
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American ‘Cleaning Fairy’ Busted by Police

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As an office cleaning company in London, we like to think of ourselves as pretty magical. People leave work at 5pm, and when they arrive at 9am the next day, desks have been cleaned, floors have been treated bins emptied and so on.
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However, one curious case in the US has seen a woman dubbed the 'Cleaning Fairy' sentenced with trespassing and other criminal charges. Homeowner Sherry Bush was left with her 'jaw on the floor' as she returned home to find the washing up taken care of, vacuuming done and rubbish taken out to the curb. And not because her teenage daughter had finally done her chores - because there was a hastily-scrawled 'bill' on a napkin on the table. Thinking a commercial cleaning company had dispatched someone to the wrong address, Mrs Bush called the number - belonging to one Susan Warren - on the invoice/napkin and was calmly informed that there was no error, and that Mrs Warren would be expecting $75 (£48) for her unrequested cleaning services. Rather than settling the bill, Sherry Bush took the matter up with the police, who have sentenced 53-year-old Susan Warren, to 20 hours of community service after pleading guilty to one of the most unusual cases of attempted burglary you'll ever hear. Apparently, after driving around a neighbourhood of large houses and lacking 'something to do', Warren broke in, took care of some household tasks and left her invoice. Saying she owns a cleaning business, Warren claimed she sometimes enters homes, cleans them and leaves a bill - telling the court 'I do this all the time'. And she wasn't lying. Last year, Warren as charged with trespassing for a similar 'cleaning fairy' visit. We'd hope that attempted burglary charge will make this her last unrequested cleaning job.

Man vs. Machine Cleaning Challenge!

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Here's a bit of weird news for you, a former street cleaner in Carlisle has thrown down the gauntlet to his old employers claiming he can 'out-clean' any mechanical street sweeper. cleaning-challenge 46-year-old John Shaw is a formerly 'well-known' street sweeper on the Botcherby estate in Carlisle, recognised by the local council as 'enthusiastic about his work' and even honoured with an achievement certificate during his time under council employ. But relations turned sour after council authorities claimed he was collecting too much rubbish, and was going beyond the call of duty by cleaning up dog fouling. Mr Shaw said: “I was getting 20 to 30 bags full every day and would go home with blisters on my hand. “They said I was bringing in too much rubbish. They wanted me to cut down. In protest, brandished a bag of dog mess at astonished councillors and exchanged heated words with the environment portfolio holder Elsie Martlew before he was escorted from thew council chambers “I brought the dog fouling in to show them that their cleaners haven’t picked it up. It’s all what I collected in Botcherby the previous week. “I’ve been talking to some of the council lads who said it wasn’t in their contract to pick it up. “People pay their council tax and they should get a good service. I have apologised. I lost my cool." Responding to the outburst, Mrs Martlew replied that the council’s new Labour administration had made street cleaning a top priority and is investing an extra £85,00 for two years and buying new street-cleaning machinery. Mr Shaw said: “If it doesn’t get done right and she’s wasted all that money, I would like to challenge one of these new machines. I would go against a Scarab [a type of street cleaner]. I would show them - I’ll give her until next year." What will happen if the council don't respond to Mr. Shaw's duelling challenge is, quite frankly, anybody's guess. Quotes via

The Flubber Look-a-Like That Promises to Clean Every Inch of Your Gadgets

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Cyber Clean as it is known is a new type of goo that promises to get your gadgets cleaned has arrived in the UK. Office Cleaning Product According to its creators the "high-tech cleaning compound" catches dirt and kills germs. Looking more like the bright luminous gloop played with by children rather than a state of the art cleaning agent, the idea is that by covering it across your gadgets you are able to get into the cracks and crevices otherwise unreachable. The cleaning agent can be used on all your office gadgets including keyboards, mobile phones and printers, so this product is ideal for office cleaning. Cyber Clean costs £7.99 for the large tub and promises to leave your gadget lemon fresh.

The World’s Only Gutter Cleaning Robot!

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The iRobot Looj V.2 is a remote controlled Gutter Cleaning Robot and the winner of the 2008 Best of CES Innovations Award. iRobot Looj The Looj is one of a kind, it is controlled by a wireless remote that doubles as a detachable handle, the Looj cleans an entire stretch of gutter while the human operator stays in one spot, reducing the need to climb and reposition the ladder multiple times or juggle tools at dangerous heights. The creators say: 'We listened to our customers and designed an updated Looj based on their feedback. The one-of-a-kind Looj saves people time and frees them from the dull, dirty and dangerous work of gutter cleaning better than ever.' This is revolutionary cleaning at it's best!!

Cleaning Olympics Who Knew They Existed!!

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But apparently they do and Britain did quite well. A young cleaner won two gold medals in the 'cleaning olympics'. Kirsty Steele from Sowerby Bridge, was part of Team UK, who took part in the Cleaning Services Team event at the EuroSkills 2008 competition in Rotterdam last week. Not only did Team UK win gold, but Kirsty came home with a personal gold as the highest scoring cleaning supervisor in the cleaning competition. EuroSkills is the pan-European skills competition in which 29 countries battle to prove they are the most skilled at 25 different competitions including cleaning and fashion. Kirsty said: ‘Words really can't describe how pleased I am with the results. I don't mind getting my hands mucky at all.’ ’The competition was tough and being up against the best cleaners in Europe adds a tremendous amount of pressure. But I have been training hard for this and managed to concentrate on the job in hand and doing the best I could.’ ’Competing at EuroSkills has been such a great experience and I'm really happy we've managed to show the whole of Europe how talented the UK really is.’ Kirsty was one of 16 young people in Team UK, who achieved eight gold medals and one silver in total.

Naomi Campbell Cleaning Punishment

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Getting Celebrities who misbehave to clean the streets seems to be a regular punishment  in New York Joining Boy George as a Street Cleaner is Naomi Campbell for striking her maid in the head with a Nokia cellphone - "accidentally," The New York post reports:
Maid-bashin' fashion model Naomi Campbell has been assigned her five days of community service - a Monday-through-Friday stint mopping floors at a Sanitation Department warehouse on the Lower East Side.
Whos next for the street cleaning detail.
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Home Cleaning Robots Unite

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One of the more interesting pieces of home cleaning technology in the last few years is the roomba a small self contained cleaning robot made by a company called iRobot. The Roomba is an intelligent and effective vacuuming robot that you can set to clean your floor when you are out. The more advanced models have a recharging station to which they return after finishing cleaning or when they need a re charging. A lot have people have used these small robots as a cheap way of experimenting with robotics there are books and entire sites devoted to modifying the roomba. When some fans of the new battelstar galactica tv show joked that the roombas where plotting to takeover the world -  some one decided that what their roomba needed was a makeover to add the signature red scanning effect that the cylons from Battlesatr galactica have. Hence this Video on Youtube Parodying  the opening sequence of the New Battlestar Galactica I you would prefer your cleaning to be done by humans contact us about our range of office cleaning services :-) Ps one of the more interesting things about the makers of the roomba iRobot is they also make bomb disposal an milatary robots - also the name is a nice reference to the robot SF Stories of Isaac Asimov.