Dyson Reveal First-Ever Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Always at the forefront of cleaning innovations, Dyson have been pretty quiet on the robotic vacuum front, until this month with the reveal of their first-ever commercial 'smart vac’.

Dyson 360 Eye

Whilst Roomba has become a household name in the cleaning world, to the public eye Dyson have been seemingly happy to sit back and stick to their more traditional cleaning apparatus.

But behind closed doors, 16 years of research and £28 million of investment has gone in to create their first ever automated vacuum; the 360 Eye.

So, with other brands like Samsung and LG in the robo-vac marketplace, what makes Dyson so confident that their cleaning machine is capable of ‘terminating’ the competition?

For starters, there’s all that proprietary Dyson tech that goes in to their world-famous vacuums; the 360 Eye is powered by a V2 digital motor and uses the bagless cyclone system that has made Dyson famous.

But the real selling point is in the name; the 360 Eye uses an ultra-panoramic 360-degree camera along it’s top, to see all around the room at once. Not only that, but it can be controlled by an Adroid smartphone or Apple iDevice from almost anywhere else in the house.

Sir James Dyson said: "Most robotic vacuum cleaners don’t see their environment, have little suction, and don’t clean properly. They are gimmicks. We’ve been developing a unique 360 degree vision system that lets our robot see where it is, where it has been, and where it is yet to clean.

"Vision, combined with our high speed digital motor and cyclone technology, is the key to achieving a high performing robot vacuum – a genuine labour saving device."

Some smart features are an internal mapping software that ‘remembers’ the layout of the room, a self-charging cycle that will send the vac back to it’s charging station when on a low battery and the ability to send a message to it’s owner’s smartphone when the dust bin is full.

The Dyson 360 Eye Japan in spring 2015, with the rest of the world to follow later in the year.

One catch is it is expected to cost around £700 in the UK, meaning our dream of a fleet of Total Clean robot vacs controlled by an iPad will probably have to wait a little longer…

Five Cleaning Super-Tips That Will Change the Way You Tackle Stains

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Tackling stains is easy in this day and age - there's a cleaning product for just about every situation! That said, there will always be times when you need to get your 'A-Team' on, and remedy that blemish with items that you'll have in your home or office; be it when you're strapped for time, or after the shops have shut. Which is why we've rounded up five great tips that help you get the better of notoriously tough spills and stains with items you'll have around the house already! Office Cleaning London 1. Spilling a glass of red wine is just about everyone's cleaning nightmare. A quick solution of equal measures washing-up liquid and hydrogen peroxide is just the one-two combo you need to get your floor back to it's best. 2. Pen ink - despite lids and retractable nibs, put one in your pocket and it will get everywhere. And few worse places can be on something  made out of leather, whether that's shoes, purses, wallets or bags. One handy tip is to lightly spray the effected area with common hairspray and rub gently as it's drying. The chemicals in the spray lightly break down the ink, but in small amounts won't damage the leather. 3. Speaking of leather, if you need to touch up your shoes before a meeting but didn't want to risk the potential disaster of putting shoe polish in your handbag or suitcase, a little dab of conditioner from the hotel bathrom or your own personal washbag adds a comparable shine. 4. Wine glasses are often a point of pride for anyone who loves to host company - but what about the stains that accompany them, like lipstick? A little salt rubbed on to the stain can work wonders, breaking down makeup stains and wine, before a regular wash in the sink or dishwasher takes care of the rest. 5. Stains on anything silver can be smoothed off with any household toothpaste, but be wary of going overboard - too much applied too hard will damage silver plate, and will take the sheen off anything sterling silver.

Carpets the #1 Area Where Most People Need Help Cleaning

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Cleaning the carpets is the single most troubling part of household cleaning according to new research put together by our team here at Total Clean. Carpet Cleaning Services London Collating the data from dozens of Google searches revealed that more people search for help with carpet cleaning online than any other household task. Beating out such unenviable tasks as cleaning the bathroom tiles, unclogging drains and more, carpet cleaning is the one household task that leaves mane homeowners scratching their heads and turning to the internet for help. Whilst cleaning windows and furniture are all catered for with special products, many households will likely lack the specialist shampoos and equipments required to get carpets looking back to their best. Our staff here at Total Clean tackle hundreds of metres of carpet cleaning every day around the offices of London, and can certainly attest to the fact they need a lot of love after being walked all over all day. Thankfully, our teams are kitted out with the latest carpet vacuums and carpet cleaners (including our franchise partners) as well as the expert know-how to bring even the most down-trodden carpet back to it's best.
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Five Unlikely Cleaning Organic Cleaning Products

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Organic. Natural. Eco-Friendly. There's more pressure on both commercial bodies and households than ever before to make their products and services kinder to the environment and nasty chemical-free. Even in the world of commercial cleaning, where people expect industrial-strength detergents and high-powered equipment, regulations to protect the environment are consistently being tweaked. lemons-cleaning Whilst we wouldn't necessarily use any of these in our duties of office cleaning in London, here are 5 unlikely organic cleaning alternatives you could use in your own home or office. 1. Lemons One of the old favourites and the inspiration for a million cleaning products (or at least, their fragrance) the natural acidity of lemons has made them a firm favourite in the world of cleaning. Cut a lemon in half and it becomes the ideal cleaning tool for wood. Spruce up chopping boards and wooden surfaces with this citrus solution. 2. Coffee Grinds Have a coffee machine in the office? Use the grinds to clean greasy surface and as an unlikely deodorant. As something that is readily available in any London office, we'd suggest using it to give the communal microwave a new lease of life and doing everyone's food a favour by placing an open zip-lock bag full in the fridge. 3. Walnuts Is your office home to a lot of wooden floors or furniture? Then it's inevitable there's going to be some chips, scraps or scratches making things look unsightly. Take the edge off any damage to wood anywhere by chopping a walnut in half and rubbing on the offending area. The natural oils help fill in the surface without damaging any of the surrounding area. 4. Olive Oil If there's anything stainless steel in your office that needs a bit of a buff, olive oil is a great alternative to specialist polish. But if it's more of a scrub you're after, mix the oil with some coarse salt for a solution that's perfect where a job requires a little more elbow grease. 5. Cream of Tartar Something that should be in any good baker's cupboards, cream of tartar is a slightly acidic ingredient that seems to have limited uses. But with a couple of drops of water per tablespoon, you'll have a paste works miracles on cleaning pots and pans. If your selection of cookware now boasts brown spots where it was once silver - this is the solution to your problems!

Janitorial Supplies: The Essentials

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Whilst it's been said that a bad workman blames his tools, here at Total Clean, we understand the value of high-quality janitorial supplies to help us in our office-cleaning duties around London (as well as good ol' fashioned elbow grease, of course!) So, here's a guide to a few essential janitorial supplies you'll never find us without... The Kitchen - Bactericidal Cleaner and Disinfectant
After recent studies have revealed just how much of a breeding ground for bacteria the office kitchen can be, everyone wants to be safe in the knowledge their theirs is safe. Whilst this is news to some, we've always known the value of a clean kitchen (it's where you make the tea, after all - and what's more important than tea?) which is why we not only use, but supply super-strength Bactericidal Cleaner and Disinfectant to offices throughout London. Why is the right cleaner and disinfectant so important? As well as making sure it kills 99.999% of bacteria - you also have to make sure your choice of cleaner won't leave a harmful residue when your staff come to prepare their food after use. The Windows - Specialist Window Cleaning Liquid Janitorial Supplies - specialist Window Cleaning Fluids Cleaning windows should be easy; they're big, flat and it's easy to see what you've missed a spot. But if you want streak-free, film-less and dermatologically-friendly clean windows, it sometimes feels like you're asking for the world. We make life as easy as it should be; if you know janitorial supplies like we do, we know exactly which brands and formulas to use for windows of every kind. Floor Treatments and Carpet Cleaning - Carpet Detergents & Rinse-Free Polish Office Carpet Cleaning Janitorial Supplies For something that gets walked on all day, there's a lot to be said for a clean floor. Which is why we use carpet detergents specially-diluted for high traffic environments like London offices. Team that with a combination of janitorial supplieslike chewing gum remover, spot cleaners and dry foam, and there's no floor we can't bring back to it's best!

How often carpet cleaning services should be hired?

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At home or at work carpets are constantly bombarded with all sorts of dirt such as soil, grit and oily residue which can cause wear, reducing a carpets life. Professional carpet cleaning services won't protect your carpets from all those threats but when done regularly it can increase the carpet's life considerably.

carpet cleaning

That leads us to the question: How often carpet cleaning services should be hired? A precise answer to that question will depend on a series of factors such as the location of the carpet, the type of environment it is in (shops, houses, factory offices, etc), type of dirt it collects, carpet's material and a few other factors. Lets consider first household carpets. Depending on the carpet's material it is advisable to hire professional carpet cleaners to do the job. Vegetable-based fibres like cotton and sisal need special care to make them look good at all times. At home simple procedures like removing outdoor shoes on the entrance, regular vacuuming and instant stain removal are the most effective ways of making carpets clean. But tougher stains such as red wine and blood might require the professional expertises of a carpet cleaning company. Bonus Tip To remove signage marks of accidental cigarette burns in a woollen carpet rub the area with a coin. For businesses carpet cleaning this gets a little more complicated. You can’t ask your clients and prospects to remove their shoes when they walk into your business. So regular carpet cleaning must be scheduled. Professional carpet cleaning services goes beyond vacuuming as they can remove tough stains such as heavy soiling, oily residues and other chemical spills. The cleaning frequency will depend on the type of business the carpets are in. For instance carpets in offices are less likely to get dirty as opposed to carpets located in factory offices, specially in the production area where workers come and go with their feet dirty with residues from the production area. For downtown carpet offices scheduling a cleaning service twice a month should be more than enough to keep them clean but for factory offices and other businesses it is advisable to do it on a weekly basis. How often to require carpet cleaning services? Share your experience with others in our comments section.