Treating too Many Patients Leaves Hospitals Unclean

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According to a new report from the British Medical Association, pressure to treat too many patients too quickly leaves little time for proper hospital cleaning.

The BMA also said hospitals should face sanctions if they fail to implement simple strategies like washing hands with soap and water or using alcohol rubs.

Dr Vivienne Nathanson said measures like deep cleaning and bare ‘below the elbows’ needed to be part of the long-term measures and regular, thorough cleaning of hospitals.

She said: ‘Deep cleaning is a good thing provided you go in and do all the other organisational things and keep your cleaning at a high level.’

This includes proper cleaning of things like the buttons on machines and switches, she added: ‘We are not dismissing deep clean but it does not work on its own.’

The report also said that the areas of a hospital that posed the greatest risk to patients were not always included in cleaning contracts.

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