How Clean is Your Hotel Room?

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When we stay in a hotel room, the last thing we want to think about is it's cleanliness. But according to a report from the University of Houston, we might well do well to add a bottle of disinfectant into your travel essentials whilst we're taking a break. [caption id="attachment_476" align="aligncenter" width="470"]Hotel Room Cleaning Study[/caption] After diligently swabbing hotel rooms in Indiana, Texas and South Carolina, researchers have labelled the Television Remote and Bedside lamp topped the list of items in a hotel room most likely to be contaminated by bacteria. It seems that these two hotel room staples are most-commonly glossed over by cleaning staff, who might only give them a light dusting or polish. However, it would seem that many guests are handling the remote or lamp directly after using the bathroom - spreading bacteria. Speaking of bathrooms, as expected, the toilet and bathroom sink were also high on the list, posting exceptionally high levels of coliform bacteria on their surfaces. By contrast, the headboard of hotel beds and the bathroom door handle were found to be the cleanest place in most rooms. Katie Kirsch, an undergraduate who this week presented the results to the general meeting of the American Society for Microbiology, also said that hotel cleaning staffs' mops and sponges were one of the main culprits behind the transference between surfaces, with Ms Kirsch also having the potential to cross-contaminate surfaces between rooms, too. The conclusion of the study praised most hoteliers for their high levels of surface sanitation; but warned of the inconsistency between hotels. You might be surprised to learn that there is no universal cleaning 'code' for hotels - instead leaving it up to the best judgement of the cleaning staff, as well as spot-checks by managers and mystery customers. Most researchers involved with the study suggested implementing the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) to the hotel-room cleaning process. HACCP is a NASA-developed system of cleaning and disinfection; designed to ensure the safety of food for astronauts - though it has been adopted by a number of industries. Here at Total Clean, we don't think contract cleaning needs to be rocket science - in the age of internet reviews and social sharing, a hotel with a bad reputation for poor cleanliness is soon outed. The study is unlikely to become a landmark, however, as Ms Kirsch and her team of researchers feel a larger sample size would benefit the outcome of the study, as only three hotel rooms were tested in each state. That said, if you feel compelled to give the TV Remote a once-over with a wet wipe next time you're on holiday, we wouldn't blame you...

Exposed: Your Office’s 5 Germ Hot-Spots

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We all know the virtues of a clean office, but with summer here and things heating up - we could all soon be made painfully aware of the pitfalls of not keeping up appearances in workplace. [caption id="attachment_469" align="aligncenter" width="351" caption="Office's Top 5 Germ Hot Spots"]Office's Top 5 Germ Hot Spots[/caption] In a study by Dr. Charles Gerba, professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona, and sponsored by consumer product company Kimberly-Clark - the top 5 most germ-infested places in an everyday office have been revealed - and they're not where you'd think. Prepare to stock up on hand-sanitiser, and start writing up a request to HR for a sterile oxygen tent, here's your office's five biggest germ hot-spots. 5. Water Fountain Buttons Whether attached to a bottle or plumbed into the mains, the dispenser buttons on water fountains are apparently something you might want to reconsider touching with bare hands. When tested for levels of adenosine triphosphate (ATP, a molecule present in all animal, vegetable, bacterial, yeast and mold cells.) 23% boasted ratings of 300 or more (indicating they need a right good clean!) and 53% scored 100 or more, suggesting they could be cleaner. 4. Refrigerator Door Handles The kitchen; where we all generally like things to be clean. Alas, the fridge which we trust to keep our food at it's best turns out to be another hotbed for bacteria. Or it's handles, at least. 26% of fridge doors were in dire need of cleaning, while 69% scored over 100 ATP, and need swift wipe-down. 3. Keyboards bacteria infected keyboard Here at TotalClean we couldn't be more aware of the perils lie beneath the keys, so it's no surprise to see keyboards so high up on the list. With more people taking lunch at their desk, it's no surprise to discover that 29% of keyboards scored over 300 ATP, whilst 69% scored over 180 overall. 2. Microwave Door Handles We imagine a few eyebrows are being raised here by those of you who realise the natural progression of touching a microwave door handle is either handling or eating food. And we'd also imagine those eyebrows would be raised further by the statistic that 48% scored at the 'severe' over 300 ATP mark, whilst 80% had readings over 100. 1. Break Room Sink Handles Everything is shared in the break room. Everything except the responsibility to keep it clean, apparently. A staggering 75% of break room sink handles racked up scored over 300 ATP, whilst 91% could be cleaner. We'd go an wash our hands right now, but... Here at TotalClean we know clean - so make sure that your office environment is free from germ hot-spots, completely by giving one of our friendly team a call on 0207 9355 088