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Change in Cleaning Regulations On the Horizon

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Following the late 90's move away from chlorofluorocarbon solvents (CFCs to the uninitiated), another major shake up could be coming to every corner of the cleaning industry, as new regulations are being trialled in the US. cleaners-london The OTC - or O-Zone Transport Commission - has been tasked with achieving better air quality by the Federal Clean Air Act - and one of the ways it's aiming to do so is cutting down on VOC's - Volatile Organic Compounds. Whilst you might not have heard of the term VOC before, you will have heard of the compounds that fall under it's umbrella; Formaldehyde, Benzene and byproducts of seemingly innocuous appliances like office cleaning equipment and cleaners. In fact, anything that involves heating-up something to use it (laser printers, floor cleaners, carpet treaters) does have a chance to produce a VOC as a by-product/ Whilst only coming into effect in the US this month, it won't be too long before London office cleaning companies like ourselves will have to make the adjustments to our cleaning methods - but rest assured - we'll be fully compliant when it does arrive on our shores!

Europe’s Coolest Offices: Google UK HQ in London

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This is not the first time we write about the search giant HQ in London. Back in December 2011 we wrote an article entitled "Google’s Stress Free London Office". But since this article series is about cool offices in Europe Google UK HQ in London surely deserves to be in it. Cradle to some of Google's most important projects like voice search, personalised local search and the most popular Android and iPhone apps the place was designed with only one thing in mind: Inspiration. From corridors inspired on the insides of the SS Enterprise to a “coffee lab” with nothing less than 19 different blends of coffee Google’s London headquarters in Victoria is one of the trendiest workplaces in the world. Since an image is worth a thousand words, here are a few thousands words to describe this incredible workplace: Google L4 officeCoffee Lab super clean offfice spacess-enterprise-corridorsGoogle's office games roomTrendy Meetings Room Related Links: Europe’s Coolest Offices: Red Bull UK HQ in London Europe’s Coolest Offices: Nykredit’s Office in Copenhagen World’s Coolest Offices