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New Wave of Cleaning Robots at CES ’13!

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Whilst not something you'll find us using when it comes to cleaning offices in London, little robots like the Roomba hav started to invade living rooms and kitchens across the globe. And according to several manufacturers at CES '13, there could soon be robots helping out in more ways than just vacuuming by the end of the year. For those who don't follow it, CES is the Consumer Electronics Show, and is held every year in Las Vegas, Nevada. Typically held at the very start of a new year, CES gives gadget-lovers a chance to see the electronics that will be changing their lives in the coming year. This year, we're taking a look at the two cleaning robots that stole the show. iRobot Looj [caption id="attachment_523" align="alignright" width="470" caption="Cleaning Robots - iRobot Looj"]Cleaning Robots - iRobot Looj[/caption] If there's one cleaning job many can't stand - it's cleaning the gutters. If you don't want horrible damp, overspill down your walls or moisture seeping into your roof, you're going to have to get the ladders out and get arm-deep in gunk at least once a year. But the iRobot Looj could be set to alleviate the most unpleasant part of that chore. Whilst it does need to be placed into the gutter by human hands (don't get rid of the ladders just yet) the Looj is capable of being submerged in up to 8 inches of water, and will scoot through the gutter displacing debris. Capable of changing its angle of attack and other cleaning factors by sensing the severity/density of the debris, the Looj can scurry up to 200ft off a single charge. We want one already. Ecovacs Winbot 7 [caption id="attachment_524" align="alignright" width="470" caption="Cleaning Robots - evovacs winbot 7"]Cleaning Robots - evovacs winbot 7[/caption] Whilst the name is more reminiscent of a Microsoft operating system, the Winbot 7 from Ecovacs is most definitely geared to towards the more traditional type of Windows. Whilst we've seen window-cleaning robots before, most have been two-part systems that rely on magnets to 'sandwich' the glass to stay vertical - limiting how thick the glass can be before it simply falls off. The Winbot 7 uses two concentric suction rings to cling to glass of any thickness to provide awesome robo-window cleaning on any type of glass. With the windows, carpets and gutters now being taken care of by robots, we're counting down our days as London office cleaners until the robot-revolution! Just kidding! What robo-cleaning device do you want to see?
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Five Unlikely Cleaning Organic Cleaning Products

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Organic. Natural. Eco-Friendly. There's more pressure on both commercial bodies and households than ever before to make their products and services kinder to the environment and nasty chemical-free. Even in the world of commercial cleaning, where people expect industrial-strength detergents and high-powered equipment, regulations to protect the environment are consistently being tweaked. lemons-cleaning Whilst we wouldn't necessarily use any of these in our duties of office cleaning in London, here are 5 unlikely organic cleaning alternatives you could use in your own home or office. 1. Lemons One of the old favourites and the inspiration for a million cleaning products (or at least, their fragrance) the natural acidity of lemons has made them a firm favourite in the world of cleaning. Cut a lemon in half and it becomes the ideal cleaning tool for wood. Spruce up chopping boards and wooden surfaces with this citrus solution. 2. Coffee Grinds Have a coffee machine in the office? Use the grinds to clean greasy surface and as an unlikely deodorant. As something that is readily available in any London office, we'd suggest using it to give the communal microwave a new lease of life and doing everyone's food a favour by placing an open zip-lock bag full in the fridge. 3. Walnuts Is your office home to a lot of wooden floors or furniture? Then it's inevitable there's going to be some chips, scraps or scratches making things look unsightly. Take the edge off any damage to wood anywhere by chopping a walnut in half and rubbing on the offending area. The natural oils help fill in the surface without damaging any of the surrounding area. 4. Olive Oil If there's anything stainless steel in your office that needs a bit of a buff, olive oil is a great alternative to specialist polish. But if it's more of a scrub you're after, mix the oil with some coarse salt for a solution that's perfect where a job requires a little more elbow grease. 5. Cream of Tartar Something that should be in any good baker's cupboards, cream of tartar is a slightly acidic ingredient that seems to have limited uses. But with a couple of drops of water per tablespoon, you'll have a paste works miracles on cleaning pots and pans. If your selection of cookware now boasts brown spots where it was once silver - this is the solution to your problems!

Europe’s Coolest Offices: Red Bull UK HQ in London

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We are back with our Europe's Coolest Offices series and today we bring you a very unique office from one of the world's most popular beverages, Red Bull. The energy drink giant' UK HQ in Soho, London, is another master creation from Jump Studios. Red Bull's UK HQ interior design was created with what Red Bull is all about, hyperactivity and adrenaline-overload. Instead of stairs there are slides, yes slides, to move from one floor to another and ping pong table meeting rooms to let the energy flow. Built in the top 3 storeys of an existing 19th century office, the place is decorated with bright colours and dynamic shapes in a layout to encourage cheerful interaction between employees without loosing the brand’s strong values. Visitor's ascend from the street by elevator and enter via a rooftop reception lobby overlooking London's West End. The main reception has a bar and cafe on the same floor there are also formal and informal meeting rooms. As the saying goes let's see some pictures of this unique office space that I bet any office cleaner in London would love to work there. rooftoop entrance

Rooftop Entrance with West End view

red bull london hq

Furniture with bright colours and dynamic shapes

pin pong table rooms

If I win my project is approved!

front desk

Front Desk

sliding through


Grade A Offices Construction to Boost Office Cleaning Industry

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Demand for high-profile offices is on the increase in London where at the moment the segment is experiencing shortages due to the lack of Grade A office spaces available. But a recent report from the CPA (Construction Products Association) says that things are about to change considerably over the next five years.

office cleaning london

Back in May we reported that demand for Grade A offices is high across the UK including London and the construction of such office spaces had dropped considerably over the past year. But this new report from the CPA gave new hopes for the construction industry as a whole. The report says that in the next five years the building of offices will climb by more than 50 per cent. Growth of high-profile London offices is set to have a positive impact upon the construction industry as well as on indirectly related business such as London office cleaning companies and estate agents. Commenting on the industry as a whole, CPA economics director Noble Francis stated that output in 2011 will retreat by 0.5 per cent, "followed by a greater fall of 2.8 per cent in 2012. In 2013 output will be broadly flat with just 0.2 per cent growth, before a return to some significant growth of 3.4 per cent in 2014". One of the biggest high profile projects waiting to be announced is the new one million sq ft Goldman Sachs offices to be built beside the current London headquarters of Goldman Sachs. A dream come true to any London office cleaning company. According to Property Week Goldman Sachs has up to 1.5 million sq ft of office spaces in London and it is planning to buy even more spaces like Plumbtree Court which is currently let to PricewaterhouseCoopers and has a market value of £94 million. This is great news for cleaning companies providing office cleaning services in London. With more offices being built specially these high-profile offices, the cleaning industry will surely benefit from it.

Determining the Effectiveness of Your Office Cleaning Company

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Office cleaning services is a type of service that requires constant evaluation. The effectiveness of an office cleaning company is determined not only by the quality of the service provided but by a series of side-factors including reliability, trustworthiness and a few others. To determine how effective your office cleaning company is we have compiled a list of questions you should ask yourself and your current cleaning company: 1. Are you happy with the current services provided? 2. Are they doing a thorough job? 3. Do they respond to problems quickly? 4. Is your office inspected regularly by one of their supervisors? 5. Are they adequately equipped to handle emergencies (floods, fires, etc...) 6. Do they cut corners and do just enough to get by? 7. Have they ever left a job half done? 8. How important is safety to them? 9. Do they use adequate safety equipment? 10. Are the employees properly trained to work with the chemicals they handle? 11. Are they responsive to areas where they could improve their service? 12. How quickly do they respond to complaints? 13. Did they provide a health and safety assessment prior to starting work in your premises? 14. Are they open for suggestions? In the end it is your office and you should know what is best for it. Office cleaning is one of the most challenging types of cleaning there is due to the wide range of building styles and internal set-ups. That is why you need an office cleaning company with is fully customisable to suit your business. Total Clean offers office cleaning services with over 15 years experience to provide individual, bespoke benefits to a wide rangw customer base. If you are looking for reliable, competitively priced office cleaning in central London, London’s West End and surrounding areas, contact Total Clean for a no obligation quote.

Demand for New Offices is high across the UK

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Over the past year the construction of office spaces in the UK has declined considerably with only 38,000 square feet of new units under construction or set to be built this year. Not the kind of news office cleaning companies around the country would like to hear. According to industry experts the supply will remain very limited in the forthcoming year. The segment that is experiencing the biggest shortages is the Grade A segment where developers who strategically position themselves could reap the benefits of this shortage. Meanwhile this is by no means good news for office cleaning companies across the country who will find themselves competing for contracts as competition gets tougher. But luckily for office cleaners working on one of the six key industrial areas that shouldn't be of any concern as the number of vacancies in these areas is below four per cent, indicating that there is still a demand for new offices. That is exactly what is happening in London, where a surge in office sales and rents should increase the procurement for office cleaning services. The demand for office space is growing rapidly but not a sufficient pace to change the mood of investors and incite them to invest in building more Grade A offices not only in London but across the land. For competitively priced office cleaning in London contact Total Clean Office Cleaning Services.

Surge in Office Sales to Benefit London Office Cleaning Companies

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London office cleaning companies are preparing themselves for a highly likely surge in the procurement for their services. This follows a survey from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) revealing that office sales lead the way in commercial property sales in the first quarter of 2011.

According to 43% of surveyors demand for office spaces in London has increased considerably, in particular for "Grade A" offices which in some areas the lack of new stock is leading to lower levels of availability. The increase in interest for office spaces in London is a clear sign of the economic recovery of the financial services industry with more and more companies looking to expand their operations in the capital. This is great news for London office cleaning companies who should experience an increase in the demand for their office cleaning services. But the industry might face a long term problem as supply is falling quickly and offices being constructed not only in London but across the UK are at a low level. "The survey does encouragingly suggest that demand to take up space is growing outside of the capital but not at a sufficient pace to change the mood on the rental outlook," commented Rics chief economist Simon Rubinsohn. For competitively priced office cleaning services in central London and surrounding areas contact Total Clean Office Cleaning Specialists.