Office Cleaners Should be Paid More, says research

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A recent research conducted by the Institute for Public Policy Research revealed that two-thirds of the British working population would support government action to increase the wages of low-paid workers, including office cleaners. The report also concluded that the gap in pay between top and bottom levels of a organisation is constantly growing and government, business and trade unions should sit down to discuss ways to make pay fairer for low-paid workers. It also revealed that there is strong public opposition to this growing pay gap. The research interviewed 2,337 members of the public and the great majority, 82% agreed that it is down to the Government to redress growing pay inequalities in both the public and private sectors. Using the example of office cleaners who earn on average £14,000 - should get a 19% pay rise, suggested the research. When questioned about the findings of this research Chairman of the British Cleaning Council Mark Woodhead said: "These results chime with our own efforts to raise the status of cleaners, and show that in the public's mind, cleaners are not being paid fairly, people clearly want to see cleaners who work hard and do a decent job receive more recognition and better rewards. "Fair pay and the value we place on cleaning is one of the major challenges we face as an industry, and it will be a key component of the debate on corporate social responsibility that will take place at our October conference." The British cleaning industry is a multi-million pound industry that needs to be closely monitored by the government and trade unions like the British Cleaning Council so injustices are not committed to its workers and so the money doesn't stay at the top of the pyramid. In October the British Cleaning Council will hold a session on fair pay and living wage at the annual British Cleaning Conference in London. About the British Cleaning Council The British Cleaning Council is the voice of the UK cleaning industry. It was established in 1982 to coordinate the affairs of the industry and to be responsible at home and abroad on industry matters. Tickets for the British Cleaning Council can be purchased at the following web address: For competitively priced London office cleaning services please contact Total Clean for a no obligation quote.

Surge in Office Sales to Benefit London Office Cleaning Companies

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London office cleaning companies are preparing themselves for a highly likely surge in the procurement for their services. This follows a survey from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) revealing that office sales lead the way in commercial property sales in the first quarter of 2011.

According to 43% of surveyors demand for office spaces in London has increased considerably, in particular for "Grade A" offices which in some areas the lack of new stock is leading to lower levels of availability. The increase in interest for office spaces in London is a clear sign of the economic recovery of the financial services industry with more and more companies looking to expand their operations in the capital. This is great news for London office cleaning companies who should experience an increase in the demand for their office cleaning services. But the industry might face a long term problem as supply is falling quickly and offices being constructed not only in London but across the UK are at a low level. "The survey does encouragingly suggest that demand to take up space is growing outside of the capital but not at a sufficient pace to change the mood on the rental outlook," commented Rics chief economist Simon Rubinsohn. For competitively priced office cleaning services in central London and surrounding areas contact Total Clean Office Cleaning Specialists.