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Office Spring Cleaning with Summer Fruits

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Despite the wide and wonderful array of cleaning products out there at the moment, there are always one or two stains or cleaning challenges that prove too stubborn for even the most advanced of modern chemicals. But the real solution to a lot of the most common cleaning issues might come from an unlikely source - the humble Lemon. Packed with citric acid and capable of a mild, completely organic cleaning  agent, a little lemon juice can go a long way to tackling a cleaning problem. For example, every budget or diet conscious office worker knows that Tupperware is indispensable. However, a particularly rich bolognese sauce or chilli con carne can leave your container looking a little less than appetising. Cut a slice off a lemon and rub the inside of your container and you'll watch that unwanted staining disappear - though for containers that have been through the microwave one too many times, leaving the lemon juice to work overnight might be required. Speaking of the microwave, we all know how bad some office microwaves can get - an endless barrage of soups, leftovers and other snacks is enough to get anyone a little grubby. Squeeze a lemon into a microwaveable bowl half-full of water and leave in the microwave for a couple of minutes at full power. After that, any dirt or stains will have loosened right up, meaning it's just a case of wiping clean with some kitchen roll from there. Of course, you can save the hassle of cleaning anything at all by dropping us a call here at Total Clean, where we'll provide a free quote to any office in need of a spring clean.

Office Cleaning in London is on the Rise (Once Again)

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Despite the current economic slowdown office cleaning in London is on the rise once again thanks to an array of major construction projects going on around renowned areas of the capital. Back in July we reported that the demand for Grade A offices in the metropolis would boost office cleaning in London. This is starting to happen as more and more overseas companies seek for an office space in renowned regions such as the City of London and Canary Wharf, as well as high-end places such as Westminster. According to Ian Smith London Chamber of Commerce and Industry spokesman there are other emerging areas and projects that London office cleaning companies should keep an eye on, he remarked: "You've got the Olympic site and the surrounding area and there's hopefully the Northern line extension," Another area London office cleaners should keep a close eye on is on the construction of the Bath House complex that is being built on Holborn Viaduct in the centre of the city. The £65 million project will have a myriad of luxury offices, leisure areas, a retail zone as well as a car park.

Holborn Viaduct

But it is not only on the high end that office cleaning is on the rise in London. According to Mr Smith, more and more businesses are moving into buildings in cheaper parts of the city such as Croydon and Enfield. One way or the other this is all good news for London office cleaning companies.