Rise of the Roomba: Will Robots Replace the Humble Office Cleaner?

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Growing up on a healthy diet of The Jetsons and an obsession with Back to the Future II that must have driven my parents to despair, I'm sure our generation currently feels a little cheated that our access to flying cars, jetpacks, hoverboards and food in pill form is currently still limited, if not entirely non-existent. However, one thing 'the future' has made good on is the concept of cleaning robots - and whilst they might not be six-foot tall and answer to the name of 'Rosie', there's probably more 'bots for jobs around your house than you currently know about… iRobot Looj - Gutter Cleaner Cleaning Robots - iRobot Looj Cleaning the gutters - is there a household task that gets put off more often than this one? But, unless you fancy mystery liquid seeping into your walls, you're going to have to break out the ladders and get elbow-deep in gunk at least once a year. Unless, of course, you have a rooftop robot. Revealed at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the iRobot Looj could be set to gut guttering the world over. Capable of being submerged in up to 8 inches of water, changing its angle of attack and other cleaning factors by sensing the severity/density of the debris, the Looj scurries through drains displacing debris as it goes. Ready to roll through 200ft of guttering off a single charge, we're already asking Santa for one. Evovacs Winbot 7 - Window Cleaner Cleaning Robots - evovacs winbot 7 Whilst the name is more reminiscent of a Microsoft operating system, the Winbot 7 from Ecovacs is most definitely geared to towards the more traditional type of Windows. Now, we’ve seen window-cleaning robots before, however most use a two-part system to ‘sandwich’ the glass and stay on the surface – meaning the glass can only bees so thick before it simply falls off. Where the Winbot 7 differs is by using two concentric suction rings to cling to glass of any thickness to provide limitless robo-window cleaning action. No doubt a prospect that excites those in high rise buildings, we do worry what will happen when one eventually runs out of charge midway through cleaning the 23rd floor. Sharp Name TBC - Floor Cleaner Sharp of Japan intend to launch a robot capable of cleaning office floors in 2014 Now this is more like it - set to launch next year, Japanese brand Sharp are set to roll out a Dalek-sized commercial floor cleaner that would have even The Doctor a bit worried. Roughly the dimensions of a standard cleaner's trolley, Sharp's unnamed 'bot - slated for a 2014 release - is capable of hoovering up anything on a tile floor; even liquids! Put down your favourite mug, or be exterminated! With the floors taken care of, the windows being cleaned and even a robot on the roof, is there anywhere in the office that isn't safe from a cyber cleaning?


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Laundry, doing the washing, ironing - whatever you call it, it's still one of the most common stumbling blocks in anyone's cleaning routines. [caption id="attachment_472" align="aligncenter" width="451" caption="8 Tips to Cleaner Clothes - Help with your laundry from totalclean.co.uk"]8 Tips to Cleaner Clothes - Help with your laundry from totalclean.co.uk[/caption] In an age where washing machines contain more computing power than the Apollo 11 capsule, how is it I can put a load of clothes in and have my favourite jumped transformed into bobble-covered mess and my missus' dresses come out two sizes smaller? Well, if you're anything like some of the Total Clean staffers, you'll no doubt want to print out our Guide to Perfect Laundry and pin it up in the utility room, as we're going explain how to make your whites that little bit whiter. So your clothes smell of petrol after dry cleaning and that ketchup stain is nowhere near gone. If you’re laundry service isn’t satisfying your cleaning needs, it’s about time you changed it. Esther Lennaerts, Executive Chairperson ofPressto dry cleaning gives us all the dirt on a good laundry service. · Always check your pockets! We've all done it - from tissues and receipts to phones and money, it only takes a moment to makes sure your pockets are clear before you turn the washer on. · If you're tackling a stain, always read the label of your garment and the detergent. Some cleaning agents can seriously damage more delicate fabrics. · Going to the Dry Cleaners? Be wary of anything that isn't Perchloroethylene - or 'Perc'. As the standard solvent in the Dry Cleaning industry, it's proven to be gentle on fabrics. · Make sure you're ironing or pressing your clothes correctly. Research has shown that ironing or pressing in the wrong places is one of the top causes of damage to clothes, due to the extreme heat used. Don't be too proud to ask someone (or Google it!). · Never store a garment with a stain because the stain will penetrate the fibre and become impossible to remove. · If you spill a liquid (e.g. the dreaded red wine!) - always dab the stain (never rub) and always put a tissue underneath the wet spot, to prevent it soaking through to the next layer. · Be wary of clear spills! Things like champagne, vodka and rum all have sugar in them, that will eventually turn brown if left unwashed. · Before you store any of your garments, allow them to air for at least two hours to let the smells disperse - especially handy if you or your friends are smokers.

Office Cleaning in London is on the Rise (Once Again)

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Despite the current economic slowdown office cleaning in London is on the rise once again thanks to an array of major construction projects going on around renowned areas of the capital. Back in July we reported that the demand for Grade A offices in the metropolis would boost office cleaning in London. This is starting to happen as more and more overseas companies seek for an office space in renowned regions such as the City of London and Canary Wharf, as well as high-end places such as Westminster. According to Ian Smith London Chamber of Commerce and Industry spokesman there are other emerging areas and projects that London office cleaning companies should keep an eye on, he remarked: "You've got the Olympic site and the surrounding area and there's hopefully the Northern line extension," Another area London office cleaners should keep a close eye on is on the construction of the Bath House complex that is being built on Holborn Viaduct in the centre of the city. The £65 million project will have a myriad of luxury offices, leisure areas, a retail zone as well as a car park.

Holborn Viaduct

But it is not only on the high end that office cleaning is on the rise in London. According to Mr Smith, more and more businesses are moving into buildings in cheaper parts of the city such as Croydon and Enfield. One way or the other this is all good news for London office cleaning companies.

Google’s Stress Free London Office

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Google's London headquarters in Victoria was already amongst the most envied place to work in the capital and why not in the whole of the UK. What was good just got even better, last week Google opened the doors to the brand new floor designed to inspire and keep its employees at the top of their game.super clean offfice spaceRelaxation areas, games room, corridors inspired on the insides of the SS Enterprise, meeting rooms with sofas and loads of cushions make it one of the trendiest work environments in the world. A dream come true to any employee not to mention an office cleaning company.Google's office games roomNelson Mattos, Google’s Vice President of Engineering, said: ‘We hire the brightest and best engineers in the UK and put them together in a highly creative, relaxed and exciting environment.’ss-enterprise-corridorsThe office has four FREE restaurants including a tapas and sushi bar and a "coffee lab" with nothing less than 19 different blends of coffee.Trendy Meetings RoomLabelled L4, this dream come true office also has a gym, games room with pool table and gaming consoles as well as a sound-proofed music room with drums and guitars.Mattos adds: ‘Contrary to accepted wisdom, fun offices don’t hurt. Our experience is that a comfortable, open and fun environment encourages creativity and openness.‘Open spaces make chance interactions more likely and chance interactions often lead to the greatest ideas.‘Many of our products came from unrelated teams finding out about each other’s work and physically meeting to discuss fresh approaches.’Google's London office one of the corner stones of its global operation. Voice search, personalised local search and the most popular Android and iPhone apps were created in there.Recently Google announced a new service that will boost the cleaning industry but image landing a contract with the search giant to clean that state-of-the-art office.For competitively price office cleaning services in London contact Total Clean, 15 years of experience in office cleaning London.