Europe’s Coolest Offices: Comvert Office in Milan Italy

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Here we are once again with our articles featuring the coolest offices in Europe. We've seen state-of-the-art offices in this series but the one we are going to see today is by far my favourite. Why? The place has a skateboarding bowl inside. How cool is that? Introducing Comvert an Italian skate and snowboard company based in Milan which sells gear under the brand name Bastard. Comvert initial concept was to create a workplace where they would have all in one place. The office, a flagship store, warehouse and why not a place to test some of their gear. That is when the idea of building a skateboarding bowl come to mind. But how to build a skateboarding bowl without using all the physical space needed for the office, store and warehouse? Simple, by suspending the bowl from the ceiling and that is exactly what Italian design firm Studiometrico did for Comvert. They found a 1950's 6.600m3 Cinema theatre and converted into one of the coolest places to work in Europe and why not in the world. Comvert Office MilanOld TheatreFlagship StoreComvert Officecomvert warehousecomvert meeting room Related Links: Europe’s Coolest Offices: Google UK HQ in London Europe’s Coolest Offices: Red Bull UK HQ in London Europe’s Coolest Offices: Nykredit’s Office in Copenhagen World’s Coolest Offices

Europe’s Coolest Offices: Google UK HQ in London

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This is not the first time we write about the search giant HQ in London. Back in December 2011 we wrote an article entitled "Google’s Stress Free London Office". But since this article series is about cool offices in Europe Google UK HQ in London surely deserves to be in it. Cradle to some of Google's most important projects like voice search, personalised local search and the most popular Android and iPhone apps the place was designed with only one thing in mind: Inspiration. From corridors inspired on the insides of the SS Enterprise to a “coffee lab” with nothing less than 19 different blends of coffee Google’s London headquarters in Victoria is one of the trendiest workplaces in the world. Since an image is worth a thousand words, here are a few thousands words to describe this incredible workplace: Google L4 officeCoffee Lab super clean offfice spacess-enterprise-corridorsGoogle's office games roomTrendy Meetings Room Related Links: Europe’s Coolest Offices: Red Bull UK HQ in London Europe’s Coolest Offices: Nykredit’s Office in Copenhagen World’s Coolest Offices

Europe’s Coolest Offices: Nykredit’s Office in Copenhagen

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Here at Total Clean we are passionate about offices not only because our job is to clean them but because we like to appreciate the innovations and designs of today's office spaces. With that in mind we decided to start a new series of articles to show you Europe's coolest offices. Recently we compiled a list with what we think are the World's Coolest Offices and now decided to keep on our quest for more cool offices but this time we will focus only in Europe. We start our series with Nykredit's Office in Copenhagen. Nykredit is one of Europe's leading financial services providers with commercial and mortgage banking as cornerstones. In addition, Nykredit has activities within insurance, pension and estate agency business.

nykredit office building

The ten-storey glass structure is one of Copenhagen's largest and coolest office buildings. The building features glass elevators, balconies, and exposed stairways, creating an open and clean-looking work environment. It also has state-of-the-art insulation systems that captures and hold heat while it is cooled with water from a nearby harbour not to mention the options to open specific areas of the roof and double layered facade to allow natural ventilation.

high-fly meeting rooms

But it's the meeting rooms that make this office stand-out. Nykredit's office has meeting rooms that hang 50ft above ground which give a new meaning to "high-fly business meetings".

nykredit office meeting room

There are two of these "high-fly" meeting rooms made out of dark polished wood hanging inside Nykredit's office building. Their office cleaning company must have really though cleaners that are not afraid of heights to clean those hanging boxes. About Nykredit Images from this article where sourced from a Daily Mail Article