Extreme Cleaning at The Shard, London

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Here at Total Clean, we've cleaned some pretty 'extreme' places in offices around London, but we've got nothing on some of the guys who work on The Shard! Officially opened earlier last week and holder of the title 'Western Europe's Tallest Building', the Shard in London is the brainchild of Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassim Bin Jabor Al Thani, and provides up over 31.4 acres of space across 78 floors. So, as you can imagine the cleaning operation required on such a structure is pretty expansive, with teams of contract cleaners and commercial cleaning staff on hand around the clock to keep the offices spic and span. However, hitting the news this week has been the massive job of keeping the Shard's windows clean. Given it's place in the heart of London, the Shard's windows are subjected to a fair amount of grime to keep them looking pristine. The window cleaning team on the Shard, however, are no ordinary window cleaners! Using state-of-the-art gondolas and a team of six abseiling cleaners, it's fair ro say the Shard's window cleaners are braver than most! One of the team made the news for all the wrong reasons this week, as one of the cleaning gondolas was trapped at the 72nd floor in gale force winds. On-site engineers were on hand to fix the problem, which was described by a spokesman for the Shard as an 'unnecessary' panic. London Fire Brigade, which sent a fire engine and fire rescue unit to the Shard, said in a message on Twitter: "On site engineers at the #Shard have made the window cleaner's cradle safe & we can all now breathe a sigh of relief."

MP to repay £2,600 London cleaning expenses

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MP John Cummings was also ordered to hand back a £50 Christmas bonus he gave to his London cleaner and £2,600 for cleaning a London home claimed in expenses from taxpayers, report the Sunderland Echo Sir Thomas Legg, expenses auditor, said the money amounted to him overpaying £10 a week for his cleaning bill for his London home over a five-year period. John Cummings said:
"I have received my letter from Sir Thomas Legg which requests the repayment of some of my cleaning costs, which I have agreed to repay immediately. The money that I am repaying is a result of the retrospective limit that Sir Thomas Legg has decided upon for cleaning costs. I have noted the outcome of the inquiry and will abide by its recommendations."
The MPs' co-operation with the Legg inquiry comes after politicians from all parties expressed their outrage at having to pay back money lawfully claimed on their expenses. MP Bill Etherington has already come out and said he would rather go to court than pay back money if he was asked to do so by Sir Thomas. He said MPs were being portrayed as crooks when all they had done was abided by the rules, and it would not do politicians any good if they admitted wrong doing when they had followed procedure Have your say on MPs' expenses. Do you think the MP’s have the right to keep the expenses already approved and paid for under the old expenses scheme? Use the comment box below to share your views.