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Industrial Factory Cleaning

Our qualified team of cleaning experts cleans machinery, specialist equipment and other tools to remove dust, bacteria and other contaminants to foster a safer and healthier work environment.

Our Professional Industry Cleaning Services

Our professional cleaners are fully qualified to handle your industrial factory machines safely, carrying out cleaning work and maintenance to ensure that your factory continues to work in optimal conditions.

Our cleaners are highly trained and equipped with specialist cleaning tools, allowing them to clean your HVAC industrial ventilation systems, ductwork and machinery.

We will use a range of specialist cleaning processes, including pressure washing and steam cleaning, with steam technology being instrumental in decontaminating factories associated with the healthcare and food industries.

Our cleaning services for factories include:

We are certified by the IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) with our cleaners being fully qualified to operate powered access equipment and platforms safely and effectively. This helps us to complete our cleaning work more efficiently while making sure our workers and your employees are always protected.

Factory Cleaning

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If you’re interested in learning more about how our industrial factory cleaning services can help you, you can contact us via phone, email or by filling out a form, all of which can be found on our contact page.

You can request a free quote with us to learn more about the prices of your tailored contract, and we can get in touch with you to discuss the specific requirements of your factory and find the best cleaning solution for you.

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Factory Production Line Cleaning Services

Keeping all areas of a factory clean is vital to ensure that your factory remains operational and production is never disrupted.

Production lines must be kept free of dirt and waste build-up, whether it be chemicals, oils or other substances that can contaminate products and affect the quality of the equipment and the items being manufactured.

This will include cleaning conveyor systems and equipment such as robotic arms and automated machinery that aids manufacturing and assembly lines.

Keeping food and factory production lines clean will also help to remove the risk of cross-contamination, guaranteeing the products you manufacture are safe to use and your staff and customers are always well-protected.

Our professional cleaners will remove debris and clean up residues left behind from the food production process as well as carrying out a thorough disinfection process before drying the machinery before it needs to be used again.

product line

Food Processing Factory Cleaning

In food processing factories, our cleaning services will help keep your industrial ovens and your cooking and processing equipment free of contaminants to ensure your food is always healthy and held to a high standard.

Your food production lines will be free of obstruction and debris, allowing you to package food safely and distribute it to your customers.

machine cleaning

Industrial Machine Cleaning

Our machine equipment cleaning services will make sure that every element of your factory is kept in perfect condition, allowing each piece of machinery to do its job properly without the risk of damaging or contaminating the items being manufactured.

We will keep your machinery clean of grease, oil, dust and obstructions and carry out maintenance and repair services so that in the event of a breakdown, we can help you and your factory get up and running again as soon as possible.

waste management

Industrial Waste Management and Collection

Manufacturing plants and factories produce a large amount of waste, ranging from discarded packaging materials to electronic waste and hazardous chemical waste.

Our professional cleaners are highly trained to handle dangerous materials and will collect and dispose of your factory waste in safe conditions, wearing the appropriate safety gear. Our waste management service is vital to helping you protect the environment and keep your factory sustainable and pollution-free.

factory cleaning

Benefits of Factory Cleaning

Our industrial factory cleaning services will help to reduce the rate of accidents and injuries in your workforce, leading to a safer and healthier work environment that will allow production to run more smoothly.

Cleaning your ductwork and ventilation systems will help improve indoor air quality, and our deep cleaning decontamination service will ensure no traces of contaminants or harmful materials can negatively affect your employees and your products.

Our machinery cleaning service will help to keep your equipment in good condition, extending its lifespan with a regular and efficient service that will help you save money on repairs and replacements in the long run.

Factory Machine Degreasing

Factory Machine Degreasing

Keeping your factory operating in perfect condition is critical for the production of goods as your machinery will be better able to do the job it’s meant to do.

We will clean and degrease your machines regularly as part of your scheduled cleaning service, making sure there are no blockages or clogged up areas. This will help to avoid machinery from breaking down which can affect workplace productivity and raise the risk of accidents.

Our machine cleaning service will also involve regular maintenance to ensure you are always in compliance with industry laws and regulations and to keep your factory running smoothly.


Factory Plant Room Cleaning

We take great care to ensure that every area of your factory is kept clean and tidy to keep your factory in line with industry standard requirements. Plant rooms are an important part of this as this is often where mechanical devices and boilers are found.

We will clean your ventilation and power systems and carry out thorough maintenance to ensure that the vital systems of your factory are all in working order. If your plant room isn’t cleaned and well looked after, that can affect the working conditions of the rest of the factory.

Our professional cleaners will clean up oil leaks and repair faulty wiring and machinery to prevent fires, maintain the structural integrity of your building and safeguard your employees.

Factory Office Cleaning Services

Factory Office Cleaning Services

It’s not just the factory production area that will need cleaning regularly. Your peripheral facilities such as storage rooms, offices, washrooms and break areas will also need to be kept clean and hygienic, fostering a positive work environment across the board.

Our professional cleaners will utilise a variety of intensive cleaning services to ensure every area in your factory is sanitised including window cleaning, floor cleaning, carpet cleaning and deep cleaning. This will remove germs and bacteria and have a positive effect on the working conditions in the factory as there will be fewer outside contaminants.

High Level Factory Cleaning

High Level Factory Cleaning

We apply our professional cleaning expertise to the higher levels of your factory, ensuring that every aspect of your building is cleaned to the same rigorous standards.

This will include cleaning rafters, ducts, beams, scaffolding and any catwalk platforms situated around the factory. These cleaning services will improve the longevity of your factory and the machinery and equipment you use, and ensures that every aspect of your business is working properly.

Our professional cleaners are dedicated to making sure the proper cleaning processes are carried out to optimise hygiene and protect your employees. Our teams are highly trained in the use of cherry pickers and pressure washing equipment, guaranteeing we can reach the higher levels of your factory safely.

High Pressure Factory Cleaning

Shot Blast and High Pressure Factory Cleaning

We have a range of specialist cleaning services that helps to ensure your industrial factory is well cleaned both inside and out, improving your reputation and boosting the overall health and safety of your factory so that your employees are safe and your products are manufactured in the best conditions.

Our shot blast cleaning service involves shooting high velocity particles at a surface to remove contaminants. It’s effective against wood, metal and concrete and is particularly useful in cleaning large surface areas.

Our high pressure cleaning service removes mould, moss and dirt from the outside of your building to enhance your factory’s overall aesthetic. The high pressure jet wash can clean bricks, glass and gutters with the intensity of the water pressure culminating in an efficient and thorough service.

In both services, all surfaces are disinfected and sanitised evenly, removing germs and residue on a deeper level to prevent dirt build-up from occurring.

Have any questions about our factory cleaning?

The cost of our factory cleaning service will depend on your factory size and which services you require, whether you need your machinery maintained or a more intensive deep clean.

Factory cleaning involves: cleaning oil and chemical spills on machinery, floors and production lines; repairing and cleaning machine parts; cleaning and collecting waste safely and carrying out cleaning of additional facilities onsite.

Our professional teams of cleaners are all highly trained and qualified with the required ISO accreditations. With their training, they will be able to clean your factory safely to protect your staff and will wear the appropriate safety gear.

Our contracts are tailored to your specific needs. We will respond in an emergency to get your factory back up and running. Still, for the most part, we will clean your factory after you have finished work so you can return to clean and optimal working conditions in the morning.

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