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Tork Study Reveals Connectivity Will Enhance Office Efficiency

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A major new study into office attitudes conducted by Tork manufacturer SCA. The Tork Trend Report gathered the opinions of 8000 office workers in 17 cities worldwide and also ran interviews with key industry figures.

This research found that 73% of office workers felt that increased connectivity would have a positive impact on their working life and 40% also believed that connecting objects via the internet at work would have a positive impact on hygiene.

SCA Communications Manager Jamie Wright talked about the improvements that could be made if offices became more connected.

“The message has come through clearly that efficiency at work could be greatly improved if offices became more connected. Industry chiefs feel that apps could be used for everything from finding an available meeting room to controlling the heating and cooling systems –or even finding an available toilet.”

“By providing real-time information, this system enables facilities management staff to anticipate issues and solve problems before they occur rather than waiting for complaints or coming across issues during cleaning rounds.”

“The next step will be to analyse the data to factor in changes during the design and construction stage. By understanding how facilities are being used and where the inefficiencies lie, workplaces will be able to be designed to better match the needs of employees.”

The Tork Trend Report study highlighted that four out of 10 employees often come across washrooms that have been inadequately cleaned and have empty soap and paper dispensers.
Tork is a pioneer of ‘connected’ washrooms in the form of the Tork EasyCube system. Many of today’s workers are unwilling to tolerate poor hygiene standards at work.

A total of 79% of respondents said they would inform their facility manager if they were dissatisfied with the quality of hygiene products supplied in their offices.
More than half of workers often worry about being infected by unwell colleagues, with six out of 10 believing that working remotely is good for their health.

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