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10 Office Cleaning Tips You Need to know

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First impressions are important and as we check that our personal appearance is correct we rarely think about how our office appears to visitors.

It is a known fact that the Office work environment can have a dramatic effect on productivity and that time spent searching for items under a mountain of paperwork, is not the best use of your time!

Follow our 10 Office Cleaning Tips to keep your office workspace clean and tidy thus increasing productivity.

1. A little bit of paper organising will ensure the surfaces you need to clean aren’t covered in actual work. Organising your files in neat piles that you can easily move on and off your desk is all that is needed.

2. Use a solution of 70% alcohol and water to clean your phone and tablet.

3. Take a magic eraser to your keyboard’s keys. Just make sure to squeeze any water out completely, so it doesn’t drip between your keys.

4. Run the sticky edge of a sticky note between the keys to pick up any crumbs.

5. Wipe the grime off your earbuds, then disinfect them with rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball.

6. Vacuum the tops of your books. Chances are, they’re pretty dusty, but it takes forever to thoroughly dust each one individually.

7. Use a dusting spray to wipe down all of your wood furniture, like your bookshelves and your desk.

8. Clean your windows and the glass in any picture frames you have hanging on the walls.

9. Scrub out stains in your office chair using dish soap and hydrogen peroxide.

10. If you have indoor plants in your office, gently wipe off their leaves with a damp cloth.

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