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The Impact of Brexit on the Cleaning Industry

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A recent Cleaning Matters survey on the impact of Brexit on the Cleaning Industry reported that 82% of cleaning professionals think the UK post-Brexit should be able to easily hire EU nationals to work in the cleaning industry. However, only one-third (37%) thought it was very likely to happen.

Two-thirds of participants believed the availability and price of imported/exported cleaning equipment would be affected once Britain begins the process of leaving the EU. Half (46%) of cleaning professionals believe the workforce will be affected by Brexit.

A worrying fact is that 43% of cleaning professionals are not confident in the UK Government’s ability to negotiate a settlement that would work for the UK cleaning industry. 

In terms of the impact of Brexit on businesses and organisations in the cleaning industry, one-third (30%) of respondents admitted to putting investment on hold, 9% to cutting down on cleaning schedules and 6% to placing an emphasis on lower-skilled workers. 

However on a more positive note, one third of cleaning professionals surveyed (30%) are investing in training and retention of the workforce, 14% in equipment with better longevity/‘cost in use’, and 11% in technology.

The Prime Minister’s announcement in January stated that the UK “cannot possibly” remain within the European single market.

Cleaning Matters editor Catherine Hackett, said: “One of the key findings is that the overwhelming majority believe the UK post-Brexit should be able to easily hire EU workers to work in the cleaning industry. This isn’t surprising considering that the UK cleaning industry relies on migrant labour more heavily than other economic sectors. 

“However, with greater regulation when hiring EU workers looking likely, the cleaning industry could find itself going through some enormous changes in the years ahead. Opinions are very much split as to whether this will bring opportunities or challenges. This is to be expected considering the divisive issue of Brexit and the vibrancy and diversity of the professional cleaning industry.”

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