10 Tips to Consider When Purchasing a Floor Cleaning System

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Over the years the cleaning industry has produced numerous floor cleaning systems. These cleaning systems are not by no means cheap and can cost the potential buyer a considerable amount of money.Prices range from £1,329.00 to £2,129.00, which is a considerable amount of money for any Office Cleaning Company to outlay.

To help make this decision easier, Kaivac, developer of the OmniFlex™ AutoVac system has come up with ten tips for contract cleaners to consider before purchasing a floor cleaning system.

Lifetime cost of ownership of the machine, which includes the initial purchase price, ongoing maintenance, and worker training

Cleaning effectiveness

Ease of operation

Ease of maintenance

Speed of repair-to avoid costly extended downtime

Productivity rates

Multipurpose efficiency-the ability to handle a variety of flooring needs

Transportability-how easy it is to move the machine from one location to another

Customizability-the ability to be altered to accommodate a facility’s specific needs

New floor care systems and technology

Regarding the number ten tip, it should be noted that the contract cleaner should research all floor cleaning systems that are currently available on the market because with today’s technology new more advanced systems will be introduced at a very fast rate.

This is reinforced by Matt Morrison, Communications Manager for Kaivac.

“This means [cleaning] contractors have many more options and types of machines to choose from they should investigate.”

He goes on to emphasis another valid point:

“No contractor wants to be in a situation where they have purchased a costly floor machine but can’t keep up with the repair bills. Be sure and look into cost of ownership issues before making a floor scrubber selection.”

Equipped with the advice contained in these tips the contract cleaner can purchase a floor cleaning system that will be cost effective and productive for their office cleaning company.

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