Europe’s Coolest Offices: Nykredit’s Office in Copenhagen

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Here at Total Clean we are passionate about offices not only because our job is to clean them but because we like to appreciate the innovations and designs of today’s office spaces. With that in mind we decided to start a new series of articles to show you Europe’s coolest offices.

Recently we compiled a list with what we think are the World’s Coolest Offices and now decided to keep on our quest for more cool offices but this time we will focus only in Europe.

We start our series with Nykredit’s Office in Copenhagen. Nykredit is one of Europe’s leading financial services providers with commercial and mortgage banking as cornerstones. In addition, Nykredit has activities within insurance, pension and estate agency business.

nykredit office building

The ten-storey glass structure is one of Copenhagen’s largest and coolest office buildings. The building features glass elevators, balconies, and exposed stairways, creating an open and clean-looking work environment. It also has state-of-the-art insulation systems that captures and hold heat while it is cooled with water from a nearby harbour not to mention the options to open specific areas of the roof and double layered facade to allow natural ventilation.

high-fly meeting rooms

But it’s the meeting rooms that make this office stand-out. Nykredit’s office has meeting rooms that hang 50ft above ground which give a new meaning to “high-fly business meetings”.

nykredit office meeting room

There are two of these “high-fly” meeting rooms made out of dark polished wood hanging inside Nykredit’s office building. Their office cleaning company must have really though cleaners that are not afraid of heights to clean those hanging boxes.

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Images from this article where sourced from a Daily Mail Article

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