Cleaning the Hollywood Sign

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Whilst office cleaning in London is our area of expertise – we’ve got to extend some serious props to the men and women of Duggan & Associates – a company currently tasked with a mammoth task on the other side of the pond; cleaning the famous ‘Hollywood’ sign.

Cleaning the famous Hollywood sign, Los Angeles, California

The iconic 50-foot high letters celebrate their 90th anniversary next year, and – as with any big occasion – you want the guest of honour to be at their most presentable.

Which is when the State of California has employed specialist cleaning and painting agencies – like D&A – to spruce up one of the most beloved landmarks in cinema history.
Cleaning the Hollywood sign

Situated at the top of Mount Lee, workers will be working on platform lifts throughout the winter to get the sign ready for it’s close-up. According to the Hollywood Sign Trust, the operation will take 8 to 10 weeks and use 275 gallons of paint to bring the sign back to it’s best.

A statement from the Hollywood Sign Trust described the commercial cleaning undertaking as the biggest maintenance operation the sign has received in over 35 years.

Erected in 1923, the sign read “Hollywoodland” until 1949. It remained as ‘Hollywood’ until 1978, when the sign was demolished completely and a new sign revealed 3 months later.

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