Your Toilet Seat May Be Cleaner Than Your Keyboard!

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According to research your computer keyboard can harbour more bacteria than the average toilet seat.

Microbiologists and computer experts have found that office workers could be putting their health at risk, because their keyboards are home to 150 times more bacteria than the recommended limit.

Health experts said many of the bugs could be caused by workers failing to practise essential hygiene routines and eating lunch at PCs is also thought to contribute to the spread of bacteria.

Microbiologist, James Francis who led the investigation said two keyboards he examined under a microscope contained levels of bacteria so high they had to be removed from the office. He also said one carried more bacteria than the average toilet seat and that he had rarely come across anything as filthy.

I feel slightly disturbed by this, sitting here tapping at my keyboard.

Perhaps it’s time to hire a contract cleaning company to clean your office!

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