Yet Another Complaint About Hospital Cleanliness and Another Attempt to Fix it

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Health staff are under fire for not keeping Falkirk Royal hospital clean, resulting in a team of inspectors being brought in to ensure they do.

The inspectors will have powers to go into any hospital in Scotland to check anti-infection procedures.

There was a call for an on-site system for reporting issues which would allow problems to be dealt with directly, avoid health and safety risks, and make the overall environment more pleasing.

Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon is now demanding a clean up in a bid to cut infection rates.

She has told health boards they must cut cases of C.difficile by 2011 and wants to see a 30% reduction for patients over 65.

Ms Sturgeon believes one of the failings of previous anti-infection policy in hospitals was that it was too reliant on self-assessment.

And she vowed that every hospital in the country would now be subject to random inspections to check they were meeting hygiene and infection control standards.

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