World’s Coolest Offices

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Many people complain about working in offices but I doubt that employees from following companies have anything to say about theirs. The offices listed bellow are a dream come true even for office cleaners.

Red Bull UK Headquarters in London

Forget stairs and lifts to move from one floor to another, Red Bull’s UK HQs in London has slides, another innovative creation by interior design company Jump Studio. The place also has a bar, cafe and a roof top terrace.

red bull London hq

Facebook Studio O+A California

The social media giant also has one of the coolest offices in the world, located in Palo Alto in sunny California. The place was designed according to poll results conducted amongst employees.

Facebook Headquarters Studio O+A

Besides the sleek furniture and funky décor the place as a unique sound system with a complete DJ booth to cause envy in many clubs around the globe. Believe it or not the place has its own Facebok Page.

Good Technology HQ in London

Good Technology headquarters in London is an award-winning office designed by interior whizzes Spacelab. The place was designed mixture of old-fashioned gentleman’s club luxury and modern practical workspace, all that to bring the best out of their staff.

good techology office

Good’s office is so cool that employees end up staying after hours to socialise round the office pool table.

Comvert Office in Milan, Italy

In my opinion one of the coolest offices I have ever seen simply because it was a skateboarding bowl over it. Comvert is an Italian based manufacturer of snowboards, clothing and accessories developed by skateboarders and snowboarders for all the young people out there.

Comvert Office Milan

Their new office was built inside an old movie theatre large enough to hold the admin area, a store, products depot and over it a state-of-the-art wooden skateboarding bowl.

TBWA/Chiat/Day LA Office

Gargoyles, cafe with a balcony made with old surf boards, a basketball court and a small garden make the TBWA/Chiat/Day office in LA one of the most trendy and inspirational places to work.

tbwa LA office

With more than 274 offices in 100 countries TBWA is amongst the top ten advertising agencies and its employees must be on top of their game at all times, reason why the LA is so inspirational.

Nike’s UK headquarters

Another Jump Studios creation Nike’s headquarters in the UK has a sleek, clean and modern design. The walls are packed with match balls and every where you look there is a high def telly showing the latest games, a dream come true for sports-fans.

nike London office

Bahnhof Office in Stockholm, Sweden

Located 30 metres below the surface the Bahnhof office and data centre in Stockholm, Sweden looks more like Dr Evil’s hideout place. The place used to be an old nuclear bunker and now is one of the most unique workplaces in the world.

bahnhof office stockholm

Greenhouses, artificial waterfalls, German submarine engines used for backup power, simulated daylight emphasize that. The place is sealed from the outside world by a 16 inches thick doors capable of withstand a hydrogen bomb explosion.

Google’s Stress Free Office in London

We have already talked about Google’s refurbished London HQs, please read Google’s Stress Free Office in London.


Last but not least we have GooglePlex, the global headquarters of the search giant. To describe all the features Google provides its employees would require a whole article. Basically the place has everything an employee could ask for, free food, games room, cafes, swimming pool and a design to inspire even the less creative of all employees.


We would like to hear your opinion. Which of these offices you think is the coolest? Go to our Facebook Page and leave your votes there or simply use the comments bellow.

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