Worcester City Centre Gets a Cleaning Blitz

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The leader of Worcester City Council has declared a litter blitz on a busy route into the city centre a success.

Simon Geraghty joined in the four-hour clean sweep organised by the city’s cleaning team, University of Worcester and the police.

About a dozen litter pickers swung into action backed by the city council’s cleaning machines.

A roadsweeper, pavement sweeper and a new cleaning truck fitted with an adjustable mechanical arm to tackle hard-to-reach areas were among the equipment being deployed.

University staff helped pick up litter along the route, Mr Geraghty said: ‘It’s been a real success for us. I think in areas of the city like this one where there is a parking issue it can really benefit from these litter blitzes.’

‘Because the police were able to shift the parked cars we were able to get in with the sweepers and the gully cleaners.’

He said the city council would now look at repeating the clean-up in another area of the city within the year.

He also added that the University and Police had been really good: ‘I think working with them this time has helped a great deal.’

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