Today See’s the Start of Computer Cleaning Week

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Monday 17th September is the first day of Durable UK’s Computer Cleaning week, as a supplier of office cleaning products the company want to highlight the issue of how dirty our office’s are. Durable’s latest survey shows that the UK’s offices are some of the most dirty places in the country.

Here are some tips on keeping those germs away and maintaining a clean computer:

One thing that can keep your computer functioning properly is to dust your card slots and cable sockets with a vacuum.

A good investment to keep your computer clean is a compressed air can, as dust inside your computer will act as an insulator and as heat is what kills electronics, if you want to prevent your computer getting to dusty. Air cans are an ideal solution as it blows the dust out, without heating up the electronics with a vacuum. You can also use the compressed air to efficiently clean your keyboard too.

So to keep your computer living and functioning properly for as long as possible, clean it regularly.

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