Tips For Keeping Your Bedroom a Clean Restful Environment

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Isn’t it just the best feeling when you go to your bedroom and it’s clean, tidy and you get in to a freshly made bed. So why I ask do we so often live in a bedroom full of clutter?

And if like me you find it dfficult to maintain a clean, tidy room. Then here are some tips to helps you along:

–  Keep the dirty clothes that cause a great deal of the mess in your room, so invest in a good cleaning basket and if possible have separate ones for your different clothes i.e. one for underwear and one for casual wear.

–  Once you have accomplished organising your dirty laundry it’s time to sort out your clean items, I guarantee that at least a third of the clothes in your wardrobe are never worn. So be strict with yourself and get rid of anything you don’t wear. Then organise your remaining clothes in order that suits you best i.e. trousers, tops, jackets that kind of thing.

–  It is useful to have a study area in one area of your room, to keep any studying materials and electronic equipment in and also ensure all your reading materials are organised and put away in bookshelves or something similar.

–  Finally it is important that your bed itself is kept clean and clutter free to ensure you have a completely rested night’s sleep.

Once you make these changes your room will be a more relaxing environment and being organised will save you a lot of time in the long run.

So get cleaning!

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