The World’s Only Gutter Cleaning Robot!

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The iRobot Looj V.2 is a remote controlled Gutter Cleaning Robot and the winner of the 2008 Best of CES Innovations Award.

iRobot Looj

The Looj is one of a kind, it is controlled by a wireless remote that doubles as a detachable handle, the Looj cleans an entire stretch of gutter while the human operator stays in one spot, reducing the need to climb and reposition the ladder multiple times or juggle tools at dangerous heights.

The creators say: ‘We listened to our customers and designed an updated Looj based on their feedback. The one-of-a-kind Looj saves people time and frees them from the dull, dirty and dangerous work of gutter cleaning better than ever.’

This gutter cleaning robot is revolutionary cleaning at it’s best!!

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