The Waterless Washing Machine – Coming Soon?

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Could you imagine doing your laundry without water? It seems like the stuff of science fiction, but Korean appliance giants LG could soon be bringing that technology firmly into the realm of reality.

With the issue of waste water a growing global issue, it’s no surprise to see manufacturers and researchers alike searching for ways to make the most thirsty of domestic appliances a little easier on water usage.

Step forward, LG. The appliance giant wowed the crowds as CES (Consumer Electronics Show) this January with their new ‘Styler’ range of washing machines. Rather than bundling light clothes and fabrics in with fabrics that need a serious clean, LG Styler machines offer a ‘Freshen-Up’ mode, that uses neither water nor detergent to bring stain-free clothes back to their wearable best.

However, following this exciting innovation, Senior Vice President for LG Electronics Home Appliance Division, Kevin Cha, has hinted that the team at LG are working on a model that takes it a step further – and washes clothes and other items with no water at all.

Such a prospect is certainly an exciting one, especially in the world of commercial cleaning. With more and more businesses looking to decrease their overheads without compromising on quality,  such a development could have an marked knock-on effect to the likes of hotels and hospitals where clean linens and uniforms are a priority.

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