The Price of Keeping our Properties Clean!

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An article The Guardian informs us that our cleaning services are at the same price as 5 years ago in 2003, and it also serves up some interesting facts about our cleaning habits.Dusting, washing, ironing, disinfecting and general tidying up – keeping a property clean means waging an endless battle against grime. According to the UK 2000 Time Use Survey from the Office of National Statistics, women spend on average 21 hours a week on household chores, with men coming in at just over 11.5 hours a week. The survey estimates the value of this work at £700 billion a year for the UK and, with just over 24 million households that works out at a staggering £576 a week. However, if you’re going to pay other people to clean your house, you probably won’t ask them to turn up for three hours a day – two to three hours a week is more likely. Cleaners will carry out most general chores except laundry. However, a service operating predominantly in North London but which has plans to go city-wide will collect your laundry and return it after either ironing it, or washing and ironing it.Window-cleaning is also usually excluded from weekly domestic services – if it isn’t, expect to pay from £5 to £20 to have all the outsides of your windows cleaned, depending on where you live. Total Clean Services Ltd offer bespoke office cleaning for areas in and around London. For more information on our services please click here.

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