The Cleaning Fairy Strikes Again!

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A mere two months ago, we brought you news from the US of Susan Warren – aka the Cleaning Fairy.

Cleaning Fairy Susan Warren

Warren, 53, had broken into a home in an affluent suburb – but the only thing she removed from the property was the contents of the bin, as she took care of the washing up vacuuming and a few other household tasks.

Rather than stemming from a compulsion, Warren scrawled an invoice on a napkin and expected the homeowner to settle the bill. The homeowner chose to not pay for servies (unrequestedly) rendered, and the police arrested Warren on charges of trespassing and attempted burglary.

Sentenced to community service and placed on probation, one would think Warren’s days as the Cleaning Fairy were numbered, until this week.

Once again found on someone else’s property, Warren had taken to shovelling snow from driveways in her native Ohio without first asking the permission, triggering a violation in her probation, Warren once again found herself arrested.

The investigation is ongoing.

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