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Spring is here in London, and after a hot and bothersome tube journey, no-one wants more of the same as they step into the office! So, how can you make your workplace that little bit more bright’n’breezy?

Here’s our top three tips to getting your office workplace in the spring cleaning spirit!

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Look around your desk right now. Chances are – barring the compulsive tidiers in the audience – you’ve got some stuff that simply doesn’t need to be there; envelopes from the post this morning, notes that you’ve since typed up, some old business cards – in an office, the list of clutter is nearly endless.

So, start with the things right in front of you – put old bits of post straight in the bin, file away the important things on your desk and scrap all those waste bits of paper you use to make notes whilst on the phone.

But don’t just stop above the desk – have a look through your desk drawers for things you really don’t need, and get rid of them! As an office cleaning company in London, we find the biggest cause of in-desk clutter is promotional tat from conferences and expositions – if you’ll never use it, bin it or give it to someone who will!

2. Disinfect

Just as beauty is only skin-deep, your office’s cleanliness can only be surface-clean!

Alongside getting the duster and furniture polish out, add a disinfecting regimen in to your office cleaning schedule and you’ll really thank yourself by the time summer hits!

Anything that your hand comes in to contact with (phones, mice, keyboards, door handles etc.) should be given the once-over with a disinfectant wipe or cleaner at least once a week.

For those of you who hot-desk, we’re sure you’d appreciate knowing that the phone you’re going to be using all day has been given a thorough once-over after used by someone else yesterday!

If you’re guilty of eating at your desk, make sure that your keyboard is blasted with some compressed air, too, to make sure that any crumbs are dislodged. Anyone with allergies or sensitive sinuses that uses your keyboard will be able to breath a little easier knowing that there isn’t debris being dispersed under their nose with every keystroke!

3. Rejuvenate

Every office has at least on set of files that are in desperate need of some TLC.

So, why not make it your Spring Office Cleaning mission to give them a new home? Whether they’re old directories, contracts or spreadsheets, the chances are if they’ve hung around this long, they’re important.

Re-organise them into fresh ring-binders, insert particularly old information into plastic wallets and condense down anything that’s taking up too much room. They whole office will be grateful knowing that there’s a little more elbow room and shelf space being created.

Whilst likely to take a chunk out of your day, studies have shown that cleaner workplaces with less clutter increase the productivity of the staff that work in them, so you’ll probably make that time up over the rest of the week!

That is it for now but stay tuned for more office cleaning tips here at Total Clean Office Cleaning London!

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