Smart Office Cleaning Tips

Smart Office Cleaning Tips

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Ever have that moment when you can never find what you are looking for in the Office? It’s not easy when your spending 40-plus hours a week in the office, and you’re doing the work of two people. It’s no wonder you’re searching under piles of paper for your car keys and mobile phone when it’s time to go home.

They say a clean office makes for a clear head and in the evening the office cleaning contractors will give your office a thorough clean however it is up to you the office worker to keep things tidy through the day. A surprise visit from your boss wanting a particular file will not look good if you are searching under mounds of paper and mess for that all important file. So what do you do? Follow these Smart Office Cleaning Tips to get you organised and more productive.

File now not later

You will always get big piles of paper circulating around the office, on your desk, shelves, and eventually on your floor. If you start piling up papers to file later on in the day before you know it, you will have a stack as high as your office block and it will be too high to tackle. The solution is to file as you go. Plan a system of trays or file folders that are clearly labeled and get into a habit of using them. Apply this technique to your Computer desktop as well so you don’t have a screenful of unorganised files staring back at you.

Clean Your Electronics

In the office, there is nothing worse than having a monitor with half the contents of your lunch attached and a keyboard containing more crumbs than the local bakery. All office workers will eat at their desk so they can work through lunch. And it certainly impresses the boss, but your fellow workers are probably having a laugh about the week-old bolognese stains. However, there is a simple fix, some bacterial wipes that are specifically made for cleaning electronics can be used to wipe down your keyboard and monitor daily. This simple cleaning process will not only keep it dust and debris free but it will also help to keep germs at bay.

Clean Your Desk

Office desks are like kitchen tables anything and everything will be dropped on them and before you know it your nice new computer will not be visible due to the clutter.A clean desk will guarantee more productivity, but if you’re too busy working you haven’t got time to clean. The secret is to schedule a declutter at a certain time every day, treat it like a meeting you can’t miss. It also helps if you minimize personal items picture frames etc and only keep your work essentials on your desk.

A Place for Everything

The key to cleaning your office effectively is to put everything in its correct place. This means that you need to assign a place for everything and clearly label each item so you can put a hand to it quickly instead of searching around. If you can get into a habit of putting things away then decluttering becomes second nature. This will ensure you are not filling up every inch of storage. When new items present themselves and come into play and need a place to live keep a few empty shelves or drawers free to make room for the new.

Get Rid of Junk

Be ruthless, get rid of the old business cards, the mountain of cheap pens, the old coffee cups, the last 3 years worth of calendars basically, all the freebies that you just couldn’t say no to. Now, you might think that stuff like that is useful, but really it’s just stuff that clutters up your space and makes you feel guilty for throwing it away. It’s hard to resist freebies, but politely say “no.”

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