Rise of the Roomba: Will Robots Replace the Humble Office Cleaner?

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Growing up on a healthy diet of The Jetsons and an obsession with Back to the Future II that must have driven my parents to despair, I’m sure our generation currently feels a little cheated that our access to flying cars, jetpacks, hoverboards and food in pill form is currently still limited, if not entirely non-existent.

However, one thing ‘the future’ has made good on is the concept of cleaning robots – and whilst they might not be six-foot tall and answer to the name of ‘Rosie’, there’s probably more ‘bots for jobs around your house than you currently know about…

iRobot Looj – Gutter Cleaner

Cleaning Robots - iRobot Looj

Cleaning the gutters – is there a household task that gets put off more often than this one? But, unless you fancy mystery liquid seeping into your walls, you’re going to have to break out the ladders and get elbow-deep in gunk at least once a year. Unless, of course, you have a rooftop robot.

Revealed at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the iRobot Looj could be set to gut guttering the world over.

Capable of being submerged in up to 8 inches of water, changing its angle of attack and other cleaning factors by sensing the severity/density of the debris, the Looj scurries through drains displacing debris as it goes. Ready to roll through 200ft of guttering off a single charge, we’re already asking Santa for one.

Evovacs Winbot 7 – Window Cleaner

Cleaning Robots - evovacs winbot 7

Whilst the name is more reminiscent of a Microsoft operating system, the Winbot 7 from Ecovacs is most definitely geared to towards the more traditional type of Windows.

Now, we’ve seen window-cleaning robots before, however most use a two-part system to ‘sandwich’ the glass and stay on the surface – meaning the glass can only bees so thick before it simply falls off.

Where the Winbot 7 differs is by using two concentric suction rings to cling to glass of any thickness to provide limitless robo-window cleaning action. No doubt a prospect that excites those in high rise buildings, we do worry what will happen when one eventually runs out of charge midway through cleaning the 23rd floor.

Sharp Name TBC – Floor Cleaner

Now this is more like it – set to launch next year, Japanese brand Sharp are set to roll out a Dalek-sized commercial floor cleaner that would have even The Doctor a bit worried.

Roughly the dimensions of a standard cleaner’s trolley, Sharp’s unnamed ‘bot – slated for a 2014 release – is capable of hoovering up anything on a tile floor; even liquids!

Put down your favourite mug, or be exterminated!

With the floors taken care of, the windows being cleaned and even a robot on the roof, is there anywhere in the office that isn’t safe from a cyber cleaning?

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