Revolutionary Automated Window Cleaning System

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One of the most dangerous commercial cleaning services is window cleaning of buildings no mater how high the building is. Having workers hanging on a platform outside a building is not very safe, but up until now that was the only way to clean windows on sky scrapers. Sky Pro wants to put an end to that with its revolutionary automated window cleaning system.

Sky Pro Automatic Window & Building Cleaning Systems offers a safe and inexpensive way to clean the windows, frames and exterior of high-rise buildings. This technological breakthrough can clean windows at a rate of 35 feet per minute and will clean up to 34,000 square feet per hour. Basically a day’s worth of window cleaning a little over an hour.

Don’t believe watch the video below and see for yourself.

Sky pro is available in various widths models 6’, 8’, 12′ and 16′ or can be customised to meet any building and cleaning requirements. Revolutionary as it is, Sky Pro not only cleans windows but also entire building exteriors like window frames and decorative cladding, such as polished granite. It uses different brushes and high pressure pure water systems that can clean just about any surface.

Another innovation is that it doesn’t make use of any harsh chemicals Sky Pro uses only filtered, ultra pure water pressured to clean windows and other surfaces.

Sky Pro has an optional dual fan package designed to push the brushes against the building to improve scrubbing pressure to remove more dirt and grime. The fan package can eliminate the need for the counterweight arm on the Sky Pro System. The fan package is recommended for use on buildings over 30 stories tall, in windy areas, or on buildings subject to unexpected wind gusts. It’s designed so the Sky Pro System “hugs” the building, allowing the brushes to clean better.

This automated window cleaning system will sure revolutionise the commercial cleaning market but we haven’t heard of any cleaning companies making use of it here in UK. Although in America it can be seen in action around New York City and Las Vegas.

If you are in the window cleaning business I’d recommend you at least consider this equipment for numerous reasons. First for its efficiency, cleaning up 34,000 square feet per hour imagine how many buildings you could cover in a week. Second you will be able to work with reduced staff; it requires two people to set it up and only one to operate. Third return over investment in less than a year.

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