Report on the state of the Cleaning Industry worldwide

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Back in September 2009 members of the World Federation of Building Service Contractors gathered in Vienna to participate in the annual conference to discuss the state of the cleaning industry worldwide.

Participants included industry representatives from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan, UK and the USA. The purpose of this report is to discuss the key themes and issues reported from the conference and to suggest how they will impact cleaning businesses in the future.

It is estimated that the cleaning industry generates total revenue of 35 billion Pounds worldwide based on the data provided by the WFBSC members. Off course this is an under estimate of the true size of the cleaning industry. If we were to include non-members of the WFBSC and countries like Chine and Indian numbers would be much higher.

According to data provided by WFBSC member countries the cleaning industry employs 4.5 million people worldwide. It is estimated the in the UK the cleaning industry employs 452,000 people but then again numbers could be higher since the relationship with between the UK and the WFBSC inconstant. Countries like Japan and Brazil the number of jobs generated by the industry surpass the 1 million mark.

This is only the first part of a series of articles about the state of the cleaning industry worldwide and it is important to note that the data used to compile this report was based on numbers provided by members of WFBSC from the year of 2010.

Next week we take a look at the macroeconomic context influencing the cleaning industry and current market conditions.


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