PM Promises a £50m Deep Clean for Hospitals, But is it an Empty Gesture?

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Cleaning contractors are concerned that Gordon Brown’s policy to spend £50m on deep cleaning hospitals, will be an “empty gesture”.

At a Labour conference in September the Prime Minister promised that all hospitals would undergo a deep clean, that would see hospitals as clean as the day they were new.

This is to be put in place in the fight against superbugs like MRSA.

Andrew Large of The Cleaning and Support Services Association (CSSA) said: “These deep cleans will be an empty gesture unless they are backed up with long-term investment in cleaning”.

He continues: “We will not make any progress in the fight against infections like MRSA, if we do these deep cleans and then let the situation go back to what it was. It will have been a futile exercise.”

The 1,500 hospitals in England have until the end of March to complete the deep clean programme.

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