Pathway Card clearing the way for improved office cleaning staff recruitment and retention

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Since its launch last year, the Pathway Card has generated a great deal of interest not only within the cleaning sector, but also within facilities management circles. The initial take up and interest in the card means the original target of 50,000 cards issued by the end of 2006 is well on its way to being achieved.The pathway card securely holds on-line a clear record of achievement and competence, and one of the attractions for FM and cleaning companies is that it recognises day to day training which is undertaken on the job, as well as more formal academic qualifications. The cost savings to a firm can be significant, helping to prevent duplication of training being undertaken by new recruits. For employees who have historically moved around jobs on a frequent basis, the advantage of the card is that information on their career history, and experience and achievements are held in one convenient place. They can then define a career path, building and developing on training undertaken to enhance their existing roles or to specialise within other working environments.Richard Beamish, Chief Executive Asset Skills believes
“the infrastructure is now in place and Pathway Card is set to provide a cost effective, meaningful and motivating record of achievement and experience for all staff”
More info can be found at the asset skills site the the Sector Skills Council that covers cleaning and at the main pathway card site.The Pathway Card was developed by Asset Skills, British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc), Cleaning and Support Services Association (CSSA), and is supported by the British Cleaning Council (BCC).

Dyson Commercial Criticised Over Miss-Representation

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Rival firm Hoover and 35 members of the public complained the commercial implied Dyson cleaners did not have filters. After an investigation, the Advertising Standards Authority found the commercial in breach of industry rules.  The ASA said Dyson must not broadcast the commercial again in its current form as viewers were likely to infer from the advert that Dyson cleaners did not have filters. The cleaners have pre-motor filters which should be regularly cleaned to ensure they do not get clogged and to avoid basic loss of suction.Responding to the investigation, Dyson said its machines each contained both a pre-motor and a post-motor filter.Inventor Sir James Dyson said the firm planned to appeal against the ASA's decision. Neither of the filters removes dust and dirt from the collected air.Dyson recommends that owners rinse their machines' pre-motor filters every six months.

Naomi Campbell Finishes Her Five Day Community Service

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36 year old Super Model Naomi Campbell completed her community Service on Friday 23 March. She worked wearing an orange, reflective Department of Sanitation vest, equipped with washcloths and scrub brushes and was on her hands and knees at some point.Her chores included sweeping garage floors, mopping and sweeping hallways, and scrubbing toilets, as well as "the locker room detail'' said Deputy Chief Albert Durrell, Campbell’s’ boss for the week.Campbell pleaded guilty to misdemeanour assault on her maid, Ana Scolavino, for throwing her crystal-encrusted Blackberry mobile phone over a missing pair of jeans. Scolavino required four stitches to her head.Misdemeanour assault is punishable by up to a year in jail. In an agreement with prosecutors, Campbell agreed to take two-day anger-management program, pay $363.32 in restitution to Scolavino and cover her hospital bills.Ms Campbell has a history of altercations with three of her employees dating back to 2000 and has attended anger management classes in the past.Naomi Campbell said her recent stint of community Service was humbling. She denied reports that she had to clean toilets but: “I swept and I cleaned walls and tables and offices. I tidied up.”Naomi CampbellNaomi Campbell leaving New York’s Department of Sanitation after completing her five days of community service. . Naomi wore a metallic Dolce and Gabbana gown with stilettos, and left in a silver Rolls Royce.

Office Cleaning Tips

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Office Cleaning Tip # 1 - Sort Your Papers

Computers were supposed to reduce the amount of paper we use and create a clutter-free work environment!  so how come My waste paperbins  are over-flowing.  Often when you decide have to do something about the mess, you wind up moving papers from one pile to the other. It may look a little neater after you're done, but the problem is not solved.  The solution is ORGANIZATION! To get started, grab another piece of paper .... and write down five broad categories of subjects you usually address in your office. Try to limit the list to five topics. Perhaps you will start with "Personal," then "Finances," then "Medical," etc. Begin sorting through your papers and placing similar subjects in one pile, following your list.. Buy a box of manila folders, label according to subject, then place the papers in the appropriate file, according to your categories.

Office Cleaning Tip # 2 - Set Aside Time

It’s a good idea  to set aside a specific time each day/week/month to handle the housekeeping and tidying that every office needs.

Office Cleaning Tip # 3 - Delete The Junk

It may take some time to go through those precious papers but, as you do, it will be easier for you to see how much is duplication, unnecessary, out-of-date, and just plain trash. Throw out the stuff you no longer need. If there's personal information, financial or other, on some of those sheets you are discarding, be sure to shed them! If you don't have a shredder, buy one.

Office Cleaning Tip # 4 - Assign Priority

You may have five or six piles of papers now. Some of these you will want to access frequently, some not as much. Decide which are your priorities and put the categories that you use most often closer to you. Use file caddies to keep the files upright on your desk rather than laying the folders flat. It's easier to see the file labels when they are upright. File Your DocumentsThere are many options available for storing your important data. Browse through an office supply store; visualize the various filing systems as if you had them in your office. If you opt for fie cabinets, consider using color coded folders. Coding helps reduce the chance that papers will be filed in the wrong place (i.e. - green: financial records; blue: medical records, etc.). Storage systems come in many sizes, shapes and composition. Old standbys are the metal filing cabinets with Manila folders but the cabinets now come in modern colors and finishes with smooth glide drawers. There are also attractive plastic stacking boxes, a variety of desk and drawer organizers, and the old standby, corrugated bank storage boxes.

Office Cleaning Tip # 5 Hire a Cleaning Service

Sometimes we just get too busy doing the important stuff to worry about being neat! It doesn't take long for the clutter to stack up and all of a sudden, it's out of control. This is the time for you to consider hiring a cleaning service. You can request a one-time visit to help you get organized and give the office a good dusting and vacuuming, or you can ask for ongoing, routine cleaning to help keep your office organized and clean.Contact Total Clean services  for more office cleaning information

Top 10 Spring Cleaning tips

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As spring now appears (touch wood) to have finally sprung here are our top10 tops for giving your home or office a spring clean.1.  Start your spring clean at the top of the house and work your way down, working from room to room and not moving onto the next until the last is complete. 2.  Choose some good music to get you in the mood and to keep yourself motivated. 3.  Clear out all of the old clutter that you don't need anymore and be firm; if it's clothes you haven't worn in the last 12 months you probably won't wear them again. 4. Tackle the dusting before moving onto the vacuuming or mopping, it will save you going over things twice. 5. Take time to clean your windows and lights, this will help light to come in and brighten up your home. 6. Leave no stone unturned, don't avoid big pieces of furniture such as sofas and wardrobes. 7.  Change the look of your home by re-arranging some furniture, a change is as good as a new look and will help your home look refreshed. 8. Introduce some bright accessories, simple touches such as cushions, throws and candles can make a huge difference. 9.  Keep all those odds and ends tidied away with some innovative storage solutions - you'll be amazed at the difference it makes. 10. Offices need a spring clean and total clean services can help with one off or regular office cleaning.

Celebs Cleaning

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Today Niomi Campbell stated her comunity service cleaning in New York - as punishment for chucking a mobile phone at housekeeper.  We mentioned this a  few days ago. Campbell was, aparently , sporting black patent stiletto boots, brown trousers and a knee-length black jacket.Not sure if higheels are the best foot wear for cleaning but in a nice footnote.
 "Campbell recently said she'd auction off the jeans and boots (designer as yet unknown) she's wearing for the job in aid of the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund"
Thanks to the register for the tipUpdate She did actually bring a pair of more sensible boots to change into.Niomi Boots

Naomi Campbell Cleaning Punishment

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Getting Celebrities who misbehave to clean the streets seems to be a regular punishment  in New York Joining Boy George as a Street Cleaner is Naomi Campbell for striking her maid in the head with a Nokia cellphone – “accidentally,”

The New York post reports:

Maid-bashin’ fashion model Naomi Campbell has been assigned her five days of community service – a Monday-through-Friday stint mopping floors at a Sanitation Department warehouse on the Lower East Side.

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Time Saving Tips for Cleaning #1

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Cleaning you  house or flat just like cleaning any office or business  can take a lot of time and energy, and most people would probably rather be somewhere else. Here is a list of cleaning supplies to keep on hand, as well as a few tips to make the chore go faster: If you live in a two storey house, keep double the cleaning supplies. Keep one set in an upstairs closet, and one downstairs. This eliminates the burden of carrying heavy buckets up and down stairs. Both floors should have a set of basic cleaning supplies.A good basic Cleaning Kit: • Your favorite all purpose cleaning spray • Degreaser • Bleach • Toilet cleaner • Scouring powder • A hard bristle scrubber - a short handle • Paper towels • Two sponges-one with a soft, or white backing, and one with a hard, or green backing • Window cleaning fluid-this can also be used on mirrors (or a bottle of white vinegar) • Brass/wood polishes if needed • Newspaper (for mirrors and windows) • Broom and dust pan • Mop • Vacuum (store the "real" vacuum where there is the most carpet; and carpet sweeper where there is the least) • Rubbish bags-both sizes small and large
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Home Cleaning Robots Unite

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One of the more interesting pieces of home cleaning technology in the last few years is the roomba a small self contained cleaning robot made by a company called iRobot.The Roomba is an intelligent and effective vacuuming robot that you can set to clean your floor when you are out. The more advanced models have a recharging station to which they return after finishing cleaning or when they need a re charging.A lot have people have used these small robots as a cheap way of experimenting with robotics there are books and entire sites devoted to modifying the roomba.When some fans of the new battelstar galactica tv show joked that the roombas where plotting to takeover the world -  some one decided that what their roomba needed was a makeover to add the signature red scanning effect that the cylons from Battlesatr galactica have.Hence this Video on Youtube Parodying  the opening sequence of the New Battlestar GalacticaI you would prefer your cleaning to be done by humans contact us about our range of office cleaning services :-)Ps one of the more interesting things about the makers of the roomba iRobot is they also make bomb disposal an milatary robots - also the name is a nice reference to the robot SF Stories of Isaac Asimov.

Office Cleaning checking for illegal workers

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The laundry and cleaning news website has long summary of the legal issues sounding the employment of workers.Last year there was some controversy when the Home Office, including the Immigration and Nationality Directorate (IND), was found to be employing  illegal imigrents as office cleaners“This all helps to show that avoiding employing illegal workers is not exactly a straightforward matter – equally, it is not “rocket science” and is far more dependent on perspiration than it is on inspiration.”The Asylum and Immigration Act 1996, subsequently updated in 2004 for the accession of eight more countries (the A8) to the EU, places substantial responsibilities on employers with significant criminal penalties for their breach.