Minimum Wage

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The Government have announced increases to the minimum
wage with effect from October 2006. The rate for adult
workers will rise from £5.05 to £5.35 and the rate for workers
aged 18-21 will increase from £4.25 to £4.45. Read the rest >>

Did This man inspire George Formby ?

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Edward Taylor

inspiration for one of George Formby’s most famous songs?
Charlotte Ashurst certainly thinks so. The man in the picture is her dad Edward Taylor and he was a window cleaner.
In the 1930s he and colleagues including George Bottomley and Norman Valentine were working at the Wigan Hippodrome on a Sunday morning while Formby was there rehearsing for a show.
He wandered over to the group and they got talking about how Wigan had changed since George was a lad living in Westminster Street, Scholes, and then about the men’s job. Read the rest >>

Office Cleaning London

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10 facts about Office Cleaning in London

– Making the right decision

  • Every business in London’s City and West End region is very different by means of the type of building and the materials which compose it, and also by their interior layout and design. Taking time to speak to companies in person about what you as a business need from a cleaning company should give you an idea if you are going to be a client who is cared for or a number in their books.
Read the rest >>

Britain Clean Streets Champion

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One Step Closer to Finding a Clean Champion

The search for the most spotless area in the UK has now entered its final stages with today’s announcement of the Clean Britain Awards finalists.

Ten cities, five districts and two boroughs have been judged the best examples of clean and tidy UK destinations from a competitive list of entrants to the British Cleaning Councils competition.

They must now battle it out to become the clean champion, which is guaranteed to give their profile and reputation a brightening lift. Read the rest >>

Why out source your cleaning?

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Paying a third party like total cleaning services to provide  cleaning services can save much time and money.

For the small business, employing contract cleaners is probably the easiest and most hassle-free way of getting the job done.
Using in-house cleaners, ones you employ yourself, may be preferable but is more difficult to control from a financial viewpoint. Putting out work for tendering, the process of asking people to make offers to do that work, will also help you to get value for money. Read the rest >>

Total Clean Launches New Blog And Website

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Total Clean  have  been offering bespoke cleaning services to clients in London’s West End and city area for over fifteen years ,   by  providing a comprehensive range of professional customer focused cleaning services , tailored to fulfil  our client’s individual requirements at a competitive price.

 The recently launched website showcases Total Cleans services , we have also launched  a  blog where we  will  be sharing news and comments on the industry. Read the rest >>