Top 10 Spring Cleaning tips

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As spring now appears (touch wood) to have finally sprung here are our top10 tops for giving your home or office a spring clean. 1.  Start your spring clean at the top of the house and work your way down, working from room to room and not moving onto the next until the last is complete. 2.  Choose some good music to get you in the mood and to keep yourself motivated. 3.  Clear out all of the old clutter that you don't need anymore and be firm; if it's clothes you haven't worn in the last 12 months you probably won't wear them again. 4. Tackle the dusting before moving onto the vacuuming or mopping, it will save you going over things twice. 5. Take time to clean your windows and lights, this will help light to come in and brighten up your home. 6. Leave no stone unturned, don't avoid big pieces of furniture such as sofas and wardrobes. 7.  Change the look of your home by re-arranging some furniture, a change is as good as a new look and will help your home look refreshed. 8. Introduce some bright accessories, simple touches such as cushions, throws and candles can make a huge difference. 9.  Keep all those odds and ends tidied away with some innovative storage solutions - you'll be amazed at the difference it makes. 10. Offices need a spring clean and total clean services can help with one off or regular office cleaning.

Office Cleaning London

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10 facts about Office Cleaning London

– Making the right decision

  • Every business in London’s City and West End region is very different by means of the type of building and the materials which compose it, and also by their interior layout and design. Taking time to speak to companies in person about what you as a business need from a cleaning company should give you an idea if you are going to be a client who is cared for or a number in their books.
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Why out source your cleaning?

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Paying a third party like total cleaning services to provide  cleaning services can save much time and money.

For the small business, employing contract cleaners is probably the easiest and most hassle-free way of getting the job done.

Using in-house cleaners, ones you employ yourself, may be preferable but is more difficult to control from a financial viewpoint. Putting out work for tendering, the process of asking people to make offers to do that work, will also help you to get value for money. Read the rest >>