Opera House Chandelier Crystals Have to be Cleaned Individually

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The cleaning of the Jersey Opera House Chandelier, which only takes place once every four to five years was cleaned this week.

The chandelier which is made up of 10,200 pieces of crystal, were individually cleaned and polished for the first time since 2005.

Jo McCloat of Cleanguard Limited said: ‘It has to be sprayed and treated with a special chemical and clean guard. So we have all the chemicals that we need for specialised work like this. We had to order those, bring them all from the UK and then treat it – that then had to be left for 12 hours, treat it again and then left for another 12 hours.’

Once the cleaning is complete it was time to return the Chandelier to its original home high up in the rafters. Where it will remain for the next five years until it is time to clean the 10,200 pieces of crystal once again.

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