Old Fashioned Cleaning Methods

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Sometimes the ideal cleaning products are lying about your house, so here are a few natural ingredients that you might not have condsidered using:

Baking soda – is a wonder product that is underused in the modern household.

Baking soda’s most famous property is its deodorising action –it has an incredible ability to absorb odours and can neutralise them as well, which makes it a great cleaner for the refrigerator and deodoriser for the dishwasher.

Lemon Juice – contains citric acid, which is a mild acid – this results in a bleaching and deodorising effect and also helps to dissolve grease. Lemon juice diluted in hot water is a great gentle cleaner for the kitchen.

When choosing a lemon for cleaning, go for one which is firm and heavy, with a fine-grained skin as these tend to have more juice.

White Vinegar – A cheap product, easily available, and harmless to use – and again, a fantastic all-purpose cleaner. It is especially good as a natural glass cleaner, leaving glass sparkling, clean and streak-free.

Sunlight – Natural sunlight is a good alternative to the harsh bleaches used in many commercial cleaning products, which can be very damaging to the environment. To get rid of a stain, wet the area and leave it outside in direct sunlight, when it dries – wet it again and keep repeating this, until the stain has disappeared.

Leaving objects in direct sunlight will also help reduce mould and mildew and all bedding and upholstery should ideally be put outside to be aired under direct sunlight periodically.

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