Office Cleaning Tips: Workstations

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Keeping an office clean and tidy is essential to any company whether it receives costumers at their premises or not. Many hire the services of office cleaning companies to the dirty work while others prefer to do it internally. Either way employees education is vital to keep offices sparkling clean at all times.

In this series of articles we’ll be providing creative office cleaning tips for and your employees to maintain the workplace tidy and clean without much hassle.

The best place to start introducing tidiness and cleanness measures is at individual level with employee’s workstations, cubicles and desks. Every employee should be responsible for its work space; he or she must keep it uncluttered and speckless most of the time.

Do not allow employees to eat at their desks and incite them to clean their hands every time they return from a meal or a snack specially if they went out to eat. A recent study revealed that offices that allow employees to eat at their desks tend to turn their keyboards into bacteria’s hives responsible to transmit could and flu, especially at this time of year with the cold season approaching.

If you hire the services of an office cleaning company make sure their office cleaners disinfect keyboards and phones every time they come to your office and also sure they use appropriate cleaning products. Electrical equipment can not be cleaned with any polish or cleaning product. Use the wrong products and you will end up damaging them.

Promote random audits to make sure employees are keeping their workstations organised and penalise those who don’t. By implementing these audits and penalties you will force your employees to maintain their work place tidy most of the time.

Be careful with what you can’t see!

Make sure you inspect the drawers you will be surprised with stuff you will find in some of your employees’ workstation drawers. That said, what was the most unusual thing you found on an employees’ drawer? Share your findings in our comments.

Do not allow them to store food in them and make sure they keep them tidy and clean as well.

Provide files and folders so employees can store their paper work and avoid paper clutter on their desks.

That is it for now but stay tuned for more office cleaning tips here at Total Clean Office Cleaning London!

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