Office Cleaning Tips to Keep your Work Place Clean

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Working from home can be very pleasant and most of the time relaxing, due to the fact that there is no need to get up hours before work, no need to drive to work, the benefits are numerous, but some times people tend to get a bit lazy with the organization of their working place.

For those of you that have the pleasure of working from home, here are 4 office cleaning tips to help you keep your work place tidy and clean.

First lets start with your desk, you don’t need nothing more than your computer and your note pad on it, remove all the stuff that has been sitting there for weeks, throw away all the papers that have no use and file the important ones.

Organize you contacts, get all the bits and pieces of paper with phone numbers, emails, business card and add them to your mobile phone or to your phone book if you prefer, the emails you can add them to your contacts on your email account and for the business cards there are neat good folders that you can put all your business cards there and organize them by category.

All right now that you have organized your desk its time to tackle the shelves, the tip here is to get rid of all the stuff that has been sitting on them for more than a month without been used, and reorganize what is left.

And last but not least, lets clean your home office, remove everything from your desk and shelves dust it off and wipe it with a wet cloth and vacuum the floor do that at least once a week and viola your work place is nice and clean.

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