Office Cleaning in Hospitals Reduced to Help Fight Superbugs!

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Doctors’ offices in hospitals battling superbugs will be cleaned less to try and save money.

Staff worry managers will expect them to become unpaid cleaners, taking them away from their actual jobs, and that dirt from offices will be spread to wards.

Staff have been told offices will be vacuumed and dusted less frequently, rubbish bins will have to be taken to a central collection point and confidential waste will have to be taken to another point to be destroyed.

A spokeswoman said the trust was concentrating on the need to reduce cases of infections but needed to make savings wherever it could.

She said: ‘The trust is facing a very difficult year financially and is having to look closely at all areas of expenditure. We are committed to reducing hospital-acquired infection and have recently increased the number of cleaning staff working in clinical areas. We are committed to maintaining this level of service despite the financial difficulties.’

‘Offices are still being cleaned but hoovering and dusting is at a reduced level. The trust has an inhouse team of cleaning staff and is looking to make savings on the cleaning budget. No jobs will be lost.’

The trust had seven cases of MRSA in April and May, compared with a target of two. It is aiming to have no more than 12 cases from April to the end of next March

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